You can supply commands to the Croud CLI tool, like so:

sh$ croud [COMMAND] [OPTIONS]

For example:

sh$ croud login

You can get the list of available commands, like so:

sh$ croud --help

To get help for a specific command, you can append --help:

sh$ croud login --help


Most commands support the --region flag to specify the region from which resources are fetched or to which resources are deployed. If the --region argument is omitted, the region falls back to the region of the API endpoint as specified in the current profile (see the documentation for the command croud config profiles current). The _any_ region is special, in that it permits listing resources regardless of where they’re deployed in CrateDB Cloud.


Although the Croud CLI is intended to be available to CrateDB Cloud users for cluster operations and other functions, some command arguments (i.e., in clusters and users) are only available to CrateDB Cloud sysops (superusers). Whenever this is the case, there is a warning in the corresponding Croud command documentation to indicate this.

Available commands


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