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Cube and CrateDB

Enabling data analysis at scale with Cube and CrateDB

Now you can enhance your modern data stack with Cube and CrateDB as a starting point for building data-intensive applications. Learn more!

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CrateDB Cloud

Top 5 reasons to use CrateDB Cloud

There are many good reasons to use CrateDB Cloud. Our team gathered for you the 5 main reasons you should try it out!

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Airflow and CrateDB

Check the quality of your data using dynamic orchestration with Airflow

Data consistency, completeness, and validity is essential to get actionable insights from your data. Learn how to use Airflow with CrateDB to orchestrate data quality checks.

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CrateDB Cloud Free Trial

Newsletter: Exciting news, tutorials, and a FREE Trial 🎉

Even during the holiday season, the #data world doesn't stop and neither does our team 💪 Exciting news and goodies from August 2022.

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CrateDB Cloud Sign-In

CrateDB Cloud: Free trial system overhaul

The new Free trial of CrateDB Cloud offers much more flexibility in terms of what you can deploy. Sign up, and you will receive $200 worth of free credit!

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How to automatically create and manage database backups with n8n and CrateDB

Newsletter: Exciting news and tutorials for #datalovers 💙

Before you go on holidays, we want to share some exciting things happening at Crate.io, and its Community, essential for the #data world

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CrateDB architecture

Distributed query execution in CrateDB: What you need to know

Learn how CrateDB generates execution plans, and the optimizations influence the order of operators!

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CrateDB v5.0 available!

CrateDB v5.0: Storage, SQL Compatibility, and Scalar Functions

Our team just released CrateDB v5.0! Know the improvements and enhancements to SQL compatibility, PostgreSQL inter-op, and scalar functions to CrateDB.

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CR0 cluster configuration

CrateDB Cloud clusters won't break the bank

In this blog post, we present you two new features in CrateDB Cloud: The ability to suspend clusters and the new shared resources clusters.

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Real-Time Energy Grid Control Based on Big Data

Newsletter: New tutorials, upcoming webinars, and new success stories

Learn how customers like TGW Logistics and Gantner Instruments use and benefit from CrateDB with their big data use cases

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