Scalable SQL Database with the NoSQL Goodies

Crate allows to query and compute data with SQL in real time by providing a distributed aggregation engine, native search and super simple scalability.

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Distributed SQL

Use familiar SQL syntax for real time distributed queries across a cluster. Crate is based on the Lucene / Elasticsearch ecosystem with built-in support for binary objects (BLOBs).

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Worry-free setup

Easy to setup distributed database for apps and services at scale. The perfect fit for ephemeral distributed environments like Docker. Ready-to use for SQL and ORM users.

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JOINs are nearly ready!

JOINs have been one of our most requested features and we would welcome your help testing them. Sign up to our testers list and we'll be in touch with details.

Crate vs MySQL

Crate makes scaling a breeze, while still using standard SQL syntax. It offers auto-sharding and replication, super-fast multi index queries, distributed aggregations and sort, lightning-fast full-text search, and super simple cluster management. Cut the number of nodes in half while gaining a 10-20x performance increase.

Crate vs NoSQL Solutions

Crate vs Cassandra

Cassandra is great for writes but not so much for reads and requires more constraining schema definitions. Crate offers outstanding full-text search, SQL interface, dynamic cluster resizing, auto-rebalancing, powerful concurrent reads and writes, and the flexibility to grow by allowing aggregates and sorting fields to be changed at anytime.

Crate vs MongoDB

No need for a team of specialists to run and scale your cluster. A Crate cluster is extremely simply to scale and manage. Faster aggregations, powerful full-text search, binary object store (BLOB) support, a permissive license, the ability to combine schemas with JSON (unstructured) in one database, as well as the ability to query with SQL standard syntax make Crate a better choice.

Crate rocks ...

  • ... as a resilient, distributed SQL database for container and microservice-driven environments with automatic sharding and replication.
  • ... as a "post-Hadoop/next-gen Vertica" solution with accurate distributed distinct aggregations and real time MapReduce via standard SQL queries built on top of Lucene / Elasticsearch.ecosystem.
  • ... to drastically increase performance and scalability of your MySQL or MongoDB cluster while supporting structured and unstructured data.
  • ... if you process semistructured/dynamic data, including geospatial data. Crate supports binary objects as well.
  • ... as a horizontally scaling database for applications that require powerful full-text search and flexible schemas.
  • ... as flexible deployment solution either local (for dev), on bare metal, cloud VMs, containers.

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