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Why the IIoT needs its own database?

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A highly scalable SQL database seam­lessly growing with the use case. Pro­cess, store, query & analyze massive amounts of data in real-time with ease.

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CrateDB Cloud

Leverage the power and scale of CrateDB in the cloud. Deeply in­te­grated into Azure. Now available on the Azure Marketplace and Portal.

Put machine data to work

A Unique Machine Data Experience

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SQL Ease + NoSQL Agility

A distributed SQL DBMS built atop NoSQL storage & indexing delivers the best of SQL & NoSQL in one DB.

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Simple Scalability, Always On

Masterless architecture with auto-sharding & replication. Simple to scale and to keep running, 24x7.

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Real-time Performance

Distributed. In-memory. Columnar. Query a firehose of data in real time--time series, geospatial, joins, aggregations, text search,...

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Dynamic Schema

Schema evolves automatically as new columns are inserted. Elegantly handles any tabular or non-tabular data to support a wide range of use cases.

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GolfNow: Geospatial data for 4 million users with CrateDB

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"Our Industrial IoT software makes extensive use of machine learning and streaming analytics. CrateDB is well-suited for the geospatial and time series data we work with. It allows us to capture sensor data at more than 200,000 rows per second, and query terabytes of data."
Paul Hofmann

Nokia SpaceTime Insight

Preview Image Customer Story Skyhigh Networks
"More than 40 percent of the Fortune 500 customers depend on McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud to help address their cloud security needs. CrateDB is an important part of our data stack giving us the performance and horizontal scalability to meet our rapidly growing business needs."
Sekhar Sarukkai

Chief Scientist
McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud

Preview Image Customer Story Instruments
"CrateDB is the only database that gives us the speed, scalability and ease of use to collect and aggregate measurements from hundreds of thousands of industrial sensors for real-time visibility into power, temperature, pressure, speed and torque."
Juergen Sutterlueti

Head of Energy Segment
Gantner Instruments

ClearVoice migrates from MySQL to CrateDB

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Preview Image Customer Story Roomonitor
"Giving thousands of property managers real-time insight into air conditioning usage, noise levels, security and other smart home sensor data required a database purpose-built for IoT. CrateDB is the best solution we found, and we’ve tried them all."
Ignacio Suarez


Factory Manufacturing
White Paper

Turning the IIoT into reality

Many Industry 4.0 projects fail... But which are the real problems? And how can we make it work?

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An introduction to CrateDB Cloud on Azure

Our easily scalable, cost-effective database for industrial IoT and machine data—now built into Azure!

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We are hiring!

Looking for a new challen­ge? As we continue to de­velop our technology, we're looking for new talents. is now part of the ABB Ability™ platform ecosystem
Press Release is now part of the ABB Ability™ platform ecosystem

With the integration of CrateDB as official ABB technology partner, we will make it easier for enterprises to use ABB’s digital solutions.


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