Find out how we used Docker service to scale Crate at Dockercon.

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Visualize your Data with Crate and Metabase

Drill down on your data to find answers with our new integration.

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Crate & Kubernetes 

Crate and Endocode were hosting a Hackathon in Berlin!

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The Simply Scalable SQL Database

Internet of Things

Powerful back-end DB for IoT data. Sensor readings, time series, geospatial, telemetry, and Industry 4.0. Combine with OSS streaming tools.

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Real time, ad hoc analytics

Use Crate for real-time analytic workloads. Run fast, ad hoc queries as data streams to the database.

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SQL on Elasticsearch

Combine the speed and ease of use of Elasticsearch with standard SQL, powerful aggregations and visualization tools.

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"Crate´s simplicity and masterless architecture make it a perfect match for containerized environments. I expect to see it widely deployed as more developers adopt the new microservices paradigm."
"We’re using Crate in production, supporting the massive growth of our cloud-app security offering. Crate´s real-time SQL aggregations, simple scalability and high availability make it a key element of our stack. Its distributed SQL engine allows simple adoption in any enterprise."
Sekhar Sarukkai,
Chief-Scientist and Co-Founder of Skyhigh Networks


As a developer, you want to create innovative cloud applications and get them to market as quickly as possible. Crate is designed for exactly that. It’s the fastest distributed database technology available. It never goes down and can easily handle the biggest enterprise workloads on the planet. Let’s get you started.

1. Open Source

Try it out! Installs easily on nearly any platform.

2. Architecture

Mixed-model DBMS, high-speed inserts & querying.

3. Standard SQL

Use SQL to query structured and unstructured data.

4. Simple Scaling

Resizing your cluster is as easy as specifying how many nodes to add or remove.

As a database administrator, you need to make sure the databases in your organizations are meeting performance and availability service level agreements. Wouldn't it be nice if your DBMS helped you out by automating deploymnet, networking, data partitioning & replication? That way you'd have more time for important things like sleep and getting pats on the back.

1. Architecture

Mixed-model DBMS built for the container era.

2. Simple Scaling

Simple scalability - learn how Crate makes it so easy.

3. DBA tools

Crate Data browsers, CLI shells, and more.

4. Best practices

Using Crate in the wild - lessons learned.

Your business users are demanding insight, and your team is constantly seeking new and better ways to deliver it. Crate should be one of those ways...

1. Fast insights

Crate makes analyzing billions of data points a breeze.

2. The big idea

Crate uses containers for unmatched simplicity & scale.

3. Easy integration

Standard SQL leverages your existing BI tech investments.

4. Great vendor

We work hard to take care of our customers.


Internships: Max at Crate

August 22, 2016
Claus Matzinger

To end his internship at Crate, we asked Max to contribute to our blog and tell us about the experience of working at Crate. At 18 years old he attends a technical school in Austria and while internships are sometimes mandatory, the company is free to choose. Luckily - he chose us.

Kubernetes and Crate

August 16, 2016
Claus Matzinger

During our hackathon last weekend we came up with a template that would easily let users spin up a cluster with Kubernetes, that can now also be found in our documentation!

Happy Birthday Kubernetes!

August 8, 2016
Claus Matzinger

In July Kubernetes celebrated their first birthday with events around the globe. Crate took this opportunity to run a Hackathon entirely based around Crate and Kubernetes in Berlin.


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