The Distributed Database for Docker

Scale data as elastic as your application.

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Distributed SQL Queries

One to rule them all: sub-second queries on tabular data and semi-structured records. Including support for binary objects (BLOBs).

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Shared Nothing Architecture

Adding nodes on commodity hardware or in the cloud is as simple as a single command in your terminal.

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Crate rocks ...

  • ... as resilient, distributed persistence layer for containerized applications.
  • ... as an operational datastore for web applications that require powerful fulltext search.
  • ... if you process large amounts of time-series data, e.g. for IoT applications with read/write workloads.
  • ... if you process semistructured/dynamic data, including geospatial data. Crate supports binary objects as well.
  • ... realtime map-reduce style queries on a modern, post-hadoop architecture.

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