1001 Nodes on Azure

How we ran 1001 Crate nodes on Microsoft Azure

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Crate FOR Docker

Crate is containerized by nature.

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The fast, scalable, easy to use SQL database


Crate.IO feels and functions like the SQL databases you know, however Crate makes scaling and operating your database ridiculously easy regardless of the volume, complexity, or type of data.

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Plays Well With Others

While Crate.IO can be a standalone database it also runs great next to your existing architecture. Crate is open source, and makes working with data easy and accessible to everyone.

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Delivers Fast Results

From the speed of getting up and running to query performance, Crate delivers real results, real fast, in real time. Plug it in and it's raring to go. Speed and scalability made simple.

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Made for Containers

Crate runs exceptionally well in containerized environments. Its masterless architecture and simplicity make the data part of docker environments as easy and elegant as the rest.

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Crate´s simplicity and masterless architecture make it a perfect match for containerized environments. I expect to see it widely deployed as more developers adopt the new microservices paradigm.
We’re using Crate in production, supporting the massive growth of our cloud-app security offering. Crate´s real-time SQL aggregations, its simple scalability and high availability make it a key element of our stack. Its distributed SQL engine allows simple adoption in any enterprise.
Sekhar Sarukkai,
Chief-Scientist and Co-Founder of Skyhigh Networks

Case studies


AVUXI uses Crate to analyze 20 million geolocation events a day providing location based marketing intelligence.


ClearVoice simplified their backend with Crate, deploying and running significantly faster, at lower costs.

Level 7 Systems

VoIPstudio uses Crate for querying text in hundreds of millions of customer call records with millisecond response rates.


Crate.io at Software Engineering Daily

May 20, 2016
Mónica Expositor Blasco

An interview with Jodok Batlogg by Jeff Meyerson on Software Engineering Daily.

Alpine Linux and Docker Nautilus Protect Crate Images

May 10, 2016
Nils Magnus

Crate is a database, a place where you store your most valuable business assets. For this reason, it is important to detect and mitigate any vulnerabilities as soon as possible. We value security highly. Using open source libraries enables us to closely monitor any security advisories disclosed. While building and packaging Crate, we only use the latest versions with no known vulnerabilities.

A 1001 Node Crate Cluster with Microsoft Azure

April 25, 2016
Chris Ward

We have clients who write and query gigabytes of data a minute, store terabytes a day and love the performance and stability that Crate offers. But the question always remained at the back of our minds - when taken to the extreme, what is Crate really capable of?


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