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Store and analyze massive amounts of machine data in real time

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CrateDB combines SQL and search in a way that’s simple to scale.

IoT & Sensors

Stream millions of readings into CrateDB per second. Query them to visualize, alert on, and predict the behavior or usage of things.

Machine Log Analytics

Analyze logs from your IT infrastructure to monitor SLA compliance, usage & billing, fraud, and more.

Geospatial & Time-Series Analytics

A distributed query engine enables real time queries – time series, search, geospatial, aggregations, and predictive.

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Why people use CrateDB

SQL & Search
SQL & Search

Use SQL to store and query structured & unstructured data together.

Time Series, Geospatial
Time Series, Geospatial

Optimized to run fast time series, geospatial, and other advanced analyses.

Distributed Queries Engine
Distributed Query Engine

Joins, aggregations, sub-selects, CrateDB runs them all fast, even ad-hoc.

Always on
Always on

Automatic data replication and self-healing clusters for high availability.

Simple Scalability
Simple Scalability

Automatic sharding & containerization make it simple to scale CrateDB

Dynamic Schema
Dynamic Schema

Add columns anytime without having to re-code or re-index.

Companies that trust CrateDB

“The cars in our customers’ fleets are in use 24 hours a day, and we need to process the massive amounts of data they generate in real time. We tried a few SQL and NoSQL databases, and CrateDB offered the best combination of scalability, performance, and up-time.”

Mark Sutheran

Founder at Clickdrive

“Our Industrial IoT software makes extensive use of machine learning and streaming analytics. CrateDB is well-suited for the geospatial and temporal data we work with. It allows us to capture sensor data at more than 200,000 rows per second, and query terabytes of data.”

Paul Hofmann

CTO at Space-Time Insight

“More than 40 percent of the Fortune 500 customers depend on Skyhigh to help address their cloud security needs. CrateDB is an important part of our data stack giving us the performance and horizontal scalability to meet our rapidly growing business needs.”

Sekhar Sarukkai

Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Skyhigh Networks

“CrateDB is the only database that gives us the speed, scalability and ease of use to collect and aggregate measurements from hundreds of thousands of industrial sensors for real-time visibility into power, temperature, pressure, speed and torque.”

Juergen Sutterlueti

Head of Energy Segment, Gantner Instruments

“Giving thousands of property managers real-time insight into air conditioning usage, noise levels, security and other smart home sensor data required a database purpose-built for IoT. CrateDB is the best solution we found, and we’ve tried them all.”

Ignacio Suarez

CEO of Roomonitor

“It was very convenient to integrate CrateDB into our existing code base even though it was written for a different database. And on top of that, with CrateDB you can replace MongoDB and Elasticsearch with one scalable package.”

Jeff Nappi

Director of Engineering at Clearvoice

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