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Icon SQL Ease, NoSQL Agility

SQL Ease + NoSQL Agility

A distributed SQL DBMS built atop NoSQL storage & indexing delivers the best of SQL & NoSQL in one DB.

Icon Simple Scalability, Always On

Simple Scalability, Always On

Masterless architecture with auto-sharding & replication. Simple to scale and to keep running, 24x7.

Icon Real time performance

Real-time Performance

Distributed. In-memory. Columnar. Query a firehose of data in real time--time series, geospatial, joins, aggregations, text search,...

Icon Dynamic Schema

Dynamic Schema

Schema evolves automatically as new columns are inserted. Elegantly handles any tabular or non-tabular data to support a wide range of use cases.

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A highly scalable SQL database seam­lessly growing with the use case. Pro­cess, store, query & analyze massive amounts of data in real-time with ease.

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CrateDB Cloud

Leverage the power and scale of CrateDB Cloud - a fully managed database as a service. Now available on Azure and AWS.


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