A Unique Machine Data Experience

CrateDB is purpose-built for the need to scale volume, variety and velocity of data while running aggregated complex real-time queries, anywhere and without driving up costs

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Readily handle structured and unstructured data, regardless of data shape

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Run ad hoc queries in real-time - no waiting necessary

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Run anywhere & everywhere

Run on-premise or in the cloud, any cloud

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Condense and distill to get what you need and when you need it

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Simple scalability

Unique architecture that’s simple to scale and keeps running 24/7 with no bottlenecks

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Index high data volumes with a distributed SQL DBMS built atop NoSQL storage

PostgreSQL compatible


Use standard SQL without the need to learn new skills

We bring value across an organization

From architects and engineers to business leaders, we work to solve data management challenges companies face today


Develop modern IoT applications and services

  • Work across any data shape
  • Fully managed database
  • Familiar SQL
Thomas Concrete Group

"The technical discussion with Crate.io engineers paid off, as it helped us to verify the technical and business requirements. CrateDB is an integral part of our big data streaming architecture, and it is delivering as promised."

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Kristoffer Axelsson
Principal Solution Architect, TCG

Senior Data Scientists

Selecting, configuring and implementing analytics solutions

  • Cost effective scaling
  • No upskilling required
  • Make real-time decisions

"CrateDB is an important part of our data stack giving us the performance and horizontal scalability to meet our rapidly growing business needs."

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Sekhar Sarukkai
Chief Scientist,

Business Leaders

Optimize the performance of IoT assets

  • Prevent operational disruptions
  • Increase equipment efficiency
  • Decrease total cost of DB ownership

"Tens of thousands of sensors generate data along our production lines, and CrateDB for Azure IoT allows us to analyze it to make real-time changes to factory efficiency."

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Philipp Lehner

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