SQL for Things data

Store and analyze massive amounts of machine data in real time

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CrateDB combines SQL and search in a way that’s simple to scale.

SQL & Search

Use SQL to store and query structured & unstructured data together.

Time Series, Geospatial

Optimized to run fast time series, geospatial, and other advanced analyses.

Distributed Queries Engine

Joins, aggregations, sub-selects... CrateDB runs them all fast, even ad-hoc.

Always on

Automatic data replication and self-healing clusters for high availability.

Simple Scalability

Automatic sharding & containerization make it simple to scale CrateDB

Dynamic Schema

Add columns anytime without having to re-code or re-index.

What people build with CrateDB

IoT & Sensors

Stream millions of readings into CrateDB per second. Query them to visualize, alert on, and predict the behavior or usage of things.

Real-time analytics

A distributed query engine enables real time queries - time series, search, geospatial, aggregations, and predictive.

Machine learning

Query terabytes of historic data at in-memory speed. CrateDB is perfect for the development and execution of machine learning systems

Log analytics

Analyze logs from your IT infrastructure to monitor SLA compliance, usage & billing, fraud, and more.


Use a single database to process unstructured ecommerce site visit logs along with structured customer demographic data to improve segmentation and monetization.

Network analytics

Analyze call detail records, network messages and packets to aid in usage-based billing, security monitoring, and network troubleshooting.

What others have to say about CrateDB

"CrateDB´s simplicity and masterless architecture make it a perfect match for containerized environments. I expect to see it widely deployed as more developers adopt the new microservices paradigm."

Solomon Hykes,
CTO and Founder of Docker

"CrateDB is supporting the massive growth of our cloud-app security offering. CrateDB´s real-time SQL aggregations, simple scalability and high availability make it a key element of our stack. Its distributed SQL engine allows simple adoption in any enterprise."

Sekhar Sarukkai,
Chief-Scientist and Co-Founder of Skyhigh Networks

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