Snowsprint 2016

This week the Crate.IO team visited Hittsau
for some coding in the snow.

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New in 0.54.0: Generated columns

Makes it easy to partition data by expression e.g. if you store time-based log data. 

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A new infrastructure paradigm has emerged - Crate takes care of the Database part.

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The fast, scalable, easy to use SQL database

Super Simple

Crate.IO feels and functions like the SQL databases you know, however Crate makes scaling and operating your database ridiculously easy regardless of the volume, complexity, or type of data.

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Plays Well With Others

While Crate.IO can be a standalone database it also runs great next to your existing architecture. Crate is open source, and makes working with data easy and accessible to everyone.

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Delivers Fast Results

From the speed of getting up and running to query performance, Crate delivers real results, real fast, in real time. Plug it in and it's raring to go. Speed and scalability made simple.

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Case studies


AVUXI uses Crate to analyze 20 million geolocation events a day providing location based marketing intelligence.


ClearVoice simplified their backend with Crate, deploying and running significantly faster, at lower costs.

Level 7 Systems

VoIPstudio uses Crate for querying text in hundreds of millions of customer call records with millisecond response rates.


Snowsprint 2016

January 28, 2016
Johannes Moser

Every once in a year it is getting quiet in the Crate Offices in Dornbirn and Berlin, when all the people are gathering somewhere in the mountains. It's Snowsprint time.

PHP 7 Support

January 12, 2016
Michael Beer

We are excited to announce that crate-pdo and its ORM Layer crate-dbal now support PHP 7. The current version of the Crate PDO library is fully compatible with PHP 7. No adaptions, fixes or version upgrades were necessary, awesome! However, a lot has changed since PHP 5 that you might be interested in knowing about.

Improving on Joins

December 16, 2015
Christian Haudum

We've doubled the JOINs performance for almost all queries, and removed many of the previously existing restrictions!

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