Massive scale. Zero Administration

Crate Data is an Open Source Massively Scalable Data Store with powerful search capabilities. It requires zero administration and lets developers store tabular data, unstructured records and binary objects, as well as query and search live data with SQL. A zero-administration pioneer, Crate Data supports a super-easy rapid install on commodity hardware or in the cloud, with high availability and real-time massively parallel access and processing.

Launch a cluster on any machine - simple or huge. Get super performance

You can launch a cluster on simple machines or one hundred virtual instances in the cloud. It only takes one include command with no additional configuration or setup efforts. 

No database administration

Crate comes in one complete install package. It includes solid established open source components (Presto, Elasticsearch, Lucene, Netty) and extends those with added core functionalities like read/write support, a SQL interface, a dashboard and a query console. 

Crate’s self-configuration and self-healing capabilities free developers from database administration:

  • Add and remove nodes anytime
  • Configure replicas
  • Make backups
  • Swap Disks
  • Mix SSDs with HDs 

See what the future is like

Crate’s asynchronous event driven architecture outperforms the data stores of the past. 



Developers love Crate

"After we ran into speed problems with traditional technology, we started to use Crate to store millions of events. now queries work superfast. We like Crate and will contribute a Ruby client soon."

testimonial-hubert-lepicki Hubert Łępicki
Ruby developer and owner of AmberBit Bialystok, Poland,

"As a consultant engaged in an ambitious customer project I had the opportunity to experience the advantages of Crate technology, in particular regarding performance and scalability."

testimonial-michael-kuegeler Michael Kügeler
IT Consultant, Munich

"I'm looking for a powerful open source solution that enables us to handle millions, even billions, of geolocated, semi-structured documents in real time. Can't wait to see what we can do with the data from our showcase at Notman House."

testimonial-jeffrey-dungen Jeffrey Dungen
co-founder and CEO of reelyActive; Enabling smart spaces in an open and pervasive Internet of Things

"I've been working with business critical BigData in the financial industry. Being able to query massive amounts of data in near real time is a real boon! Doubly so if it can be done with minimal overhead and ceremony, and with a familiar query syntax."

testimonial-peter-sabaini Peter Sabaini
software, sysadmin, python, zope, erlang, linux, teh interwebs, cats, austria, switzerland

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