subscriptions list

Print the subscriptions in a user’s organization:

Usage: croud subscriptions list [-h] [--org-id ORG_ID] [--region REGION]
                                [--output-fmt {table,wide,json,yaml}] [--sudo]

Optional Arguments


The organization ID to use.

--region, -r

Temporarily use the specified region that command will be run in.

--output-fmt, --format, -o

Possible choices: table, wide, json, yaml

Change the formatting of the output.


Run the given command as superuser.

Default: False


sh$ croud subscriptions list
| id                                   | name                                  | state  | provider |
| 56149db0-ea40-4616-88d1-885f6a491989 | my-azure-subscription                 | active | azure    |
| b01b93e0-fd18-4896-ba88-288efe759bf0 | x43z8qxk9nh7l7mq7nxd3907z-zWG1GEiPuM4 | active | aws      |


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