Getting Started

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The Croud CLI is available as a pip package.

To install, run:

sh$ pip install croud

To update, run:

sh$ pip install -U croud


Verify your installation, like so:

sh$ croud --version

When using Croud, you must supply a command.

For example:

sh$ croud login

Here, login is supplied as a command. The will open a browser window for you to authenticate with CrateDB Cloud. You will need to do this before issuing any further commands.

From here, you can go on to use commands to manage your configuration values, projects, clusters, organizations, and users.

Command-line options

Croud supports the following command-line options:

Argument Description
-h, --help Print the help message, then exits.
-v, --version Prints the program’s version number, then exits.


Some Croud commands take additional options.


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