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Decision Making with EDGE & AI
Christian Lutz, Founder and President of Crate.io, talks in German about decision-making at the EDGE and with AI and how CrateDB is enabling customers to turn data into business value.
The Benefits of Time-Series Databases and Opening Up Businesses Digitally
The challenges of digital disruption and transformation form the basis of this podcast. Scott Taylor, Principal Consultant at MetaMeta Consulting, speaks with Christian Lutz, Founder, President at Crate.io, and Bernhard Zimmermann, Director Business Development and Partner at Zühlke.
The Edge is Here: How Cloud and On-Premises Combine for Better Data Storage
Crate.io CEO Eva Schönleitner presents "The Edge is Here" during the Manufacturing Data Summit Europe 2021 announcing CrateDB Edge
Powering Smart Buildings with data-driven Decisions
Eva Schönleitner, CEO Crate.io, and Bas Boorsma, Chief Digital Officer City of Rotterdam, talk at the Sensors & IoT Conf 2021 about the challenges with data in smart buildings and what are the technologies necessary to fuel opportunities. See how CrateDB streamlines information and tailors data access to deliver real-time information when it's needed.
How to win with AI and data: Ash Fontana in a conversation with Christian Lutz
Ash Fontana, author of The AI-First Company: How to Compete and Win with Artificial Intelligence, talks to Christian Lutz, Founder and President of Crate.io about how to transform a company into an AI-first company.
The Edge eats the world
Eva Schönleitner & Christian Lutz in an hour long conversation in German with Bernard Sonnenschein about the origin and future of CrateDB
Product Presentation
CrateDB Edge product presentation at Hannover Messe 2021
Crate.io CEO Eva Schönleitner and Bernhard Zimmermann, Director Business Development at Zühlke Austria, are talking about edge computing and CrateDB Edge.
Panel Discussion
Tales from the machine room
Crate.io's CEO Eva Schönleitner, President Christian Lutz, and CTO Bernd Dorn are talking about why Crate.io open sources the entire codebase of CrateDB with version 4.5.
Use Case
CrateDB in the Wild with Quantum Leap
Dr. Federico M. Facca talks about using CrateDB in an open-source project "CrateDB in the Wild with Quantum Leap"
Panel Discussion
What it means to align with open source values
During the Open Source Release Event of CrateDB v4.5 we hosted a panel discussion and discussed "What it means to align with open source values"
Automating smart factories to monitor machines with n8n and CrateDB
In this webinar we build an automation workflow for industry 4.0 using n8n and CrateDB.
The IOT Show
Turning IIoT data into action with CrateDB
Johannes Moser presents what CrateDB can do, showing it live in a demo
Getting started with CrateDB Cloud on Azure
Luke from the Product Team explains how to deploy CrateDB Cloud in a few quick steps
A conversation about industry, innovation and CrateDB
Christian Lutz chats with Maggie Miller during the IoT World conference in Santa Clara, California
Engineers from GolfNow explain why they chose CrateDB
Sheriff Mohamed and Marcus Briggs, engineers at GolfNow, talk about CrateDB and their experience with it
Dev Talk
Using containerized databases in a machine data environment
How can containerized microservices increase productivity in industry 4.0 use-cases? Claus from Crate.io shows real-world examples
Dev Talk
My experience migrating to MongoDB
Why CrateDB made me wish I had a time machine, by Marios Trivyzas
Dev Talk
CrateDB and Docker
Scale your database like your application

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