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White Papers

How to shape the culture of a data-driven organization
Ride the new wave of the data-driven organization and learn best practices from a global survey of 434 participants in this study by independent analyst firm BARC.
Transforming Data into Action
Learn how ALPLA makes data-driven decisions; monitors operations remotely in real-time and how their efficiency improved, and costs are reduced.
Discover CrateDB Edge
With CrateDB Edge, customers can deploy a CrateDB cluster on their own infrastructure (on their own premises and/or their own cloud infrastructure) and access it through the CrateDB Cloud web UI
Common misconceptions about Industry 4.0 that manufacturers still believe
While IIoT adoption does require a new approach to managing and analyzing data collected in real-time, this isn’t as difficult as many manufacturers believe.
Data and Industrial IoT
In order for IIoT projects to succeed, it is crucial to use technologies that have been specifically optimized for this use case. The IIoT implies considerable complexities and particularities in terms of data, and it is unlikely that a database not specialized in IIoT will provide all the necessary requirements.
Content Kit
From MongoDB to CrateDB: Migration Starter Kit
Using MongoDB for large-scale IoT projects is like using a Swiss Army Knife to change a flat tire: not a good fit. These resources will help you understand why this is the case.
Time-series data in manufacturing
Interested in industrial time-series? This white paper answers all your questions, diving deep into the topic.
The cost of running MongoDB, TimescaleDB and CrateDB for industrial IoT
When evaluating the database costs for industrial IoT projects, there's much to consider. Find out how much the monthly price can vary if different databases are used.
CrateDB: Technical Overview
A detailed description of CrateDB's architecture. Find out all about how CrateDB is built!
How to turn the IIoT into reality
Many IIoT projects fail... But for some manufacturers, Industry 4.0 is already a reality. What is the key to making it work? Read about it in this white paper.
Building IoT applications with open-source tools
Learn how to build IoT applications using an open-source stack: Apache Kafka, Apache Flink and CrateDB.
From MySQL to CrateDB: migration guide
A guide presenting how to move your data from MySQL to CrateDB in just a few steps.

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