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Data-Driven applications in Intralogistics

Today's warehouses are complex systems with a very high automation degree. Interconnected conveyor systems on various levels, racks with automated storage and retrieval technologies like shuttle systems, lifts and mini-load cranes, highly optimized manual workstations and fully automated loading, unloading, packing, picking workstations with stationary robots and mobile robots roaming on the shop floor. These mechatronic devices are controlled by distributed software components for controls, material flow and warehouse management.​

The key to the successful operation of these warehouses lies in having a holistic view on the entire system based on data from various components like sensors, PLCs, embedded controllers and the involved software systems. All these components can be seen as “data silos” distributed across the entire site - each of them storing just some pieces of information in various data structures and different ways to access it.​

This session is about how this data can be retrieved, transformed, and stored in a central place and how to link it with the static site topology so that useful information can be provided. The session will cover how to make this information understandable and accessible for in-house experts and business customers. Some applications will be explained that provide insights on the availability and conditions of the mechatronic equipment as well as the performance of logistic processes.

Alexander Mann
Digital Core TGW Logistics

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