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From MongoDB to CrateDB: Migration Starter Kit

Using MongoDB for large-scale IoT projects is like using a Swiss Army Knife to change a flat tire: not a good fit. These resources will help you understand why this is the case.
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Time-series data in manufacturing

Interested in industrial time-series? This white paper answers all your questions, diving deep into the topic.
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The cost of running MongoDB, TimescaleDB and CrateDB for industrial IoT

When evaluating the database costs for industrial IoT projects, there's much to consider. Find out how much the monthly price can vary if different databases are used.
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CrateDB: Technical Overview

A detailed description of CrateDB's architecture. Find out all about how CrateDB is built!
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How to turn the IIoT into reality

Many IIoT projects fail... But for some manufacturers, Industry 4.0 is already a reality. What is the key to making it work? Read about it in this white paper.
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CrateDB vs. PostgreSQL: benchmark

A benchmark testing the performance of both databases against an industrial IoT workload.
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Building IoT applications with open-source tools

Learn how to build IoT applications using an open-source stack: Apache Kafka, Apache Flink and CrateDB.
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Scalability in CrateDB: benchmark

Find out how CrateDB scales linearly: its performance consistently improves as more nodes are added to the cluster.
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From MySQL to CrateDB: migration guide

A guide presenting how to move your data from MySQL to CrateDB in just a few steps.
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CrateDB vs InfluxDB: benchmark

How CrateDB compares to InfluxDB? Find out how both databases perform for IIoT workloads.