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From MongoDB to CrateDB: Migration Starter Kit

Using MongoDB for large-scale IoT projects is like using a Swiss Army Knife to change a flat tire: not a good fit. These resources will help you understand why this is the case.

White Paper

Time-series data in manufacturing

Interested in industrial time-series? This white paper answers all your questions, diving deep into the topic.

White Paper

The cost of running MongoDB, TimescaleDB and CrateDB for industrial IoT

When evaluating the database costs for industrial IoT projects, there's much to consider. Find out how much the monthly price can vary if different databases are used.

White Paper

CrateDB: Technical Overview

A detailed description of CrateDB's architecture. Find out all about how CrateDB is built!

White Paper

How to turn the IIoT into reality

Many IIoT projects fail... But for some manufacturers, Industry 4.0 is already a reality. What is the key to making it work? Read about it in this white paper.

White Paper

CrateDB vs. PostgreSQL: benchmark

A benchmark testing the performance of both databases against an industrial IoT workload.

White Paper

Building IoT applications with open-source tools

Learn how to build IoT applications using an open-source stack: Apache Kafka, Apache Flink and CrateDB.

White Paper

Scalability in CrateDB: benchmark

Find out how CrateDB scales linearly: its performance consistently improves as more nodes are added to the cluster.

White Paper

From MySQL to CrateDB: migration guide

A guide presenting how to move your data from MySQL to CrateDB in just a few steps.

White Paper

CrateDB vs InfluxDB: benchmark

How CrateDB compares to InfluxDB? Find out how both databases perform for IIoT workloads.



Introduction to industrial time series

A discussion about the particularities of industrial time-series data. Why are they different from other time series use cases?


Why does the industrial IoT need its own database?

The IIoT can cause a new manufacturing revolution... But in order to succeed, it requires the right tools.


An introduction to CrateDB Cloud on Azure

Our easily scalable, cost-effective database for industrial IoT and machine data—now built into Azure!


The curious case of time-series data

What are time-series data? We talk about it in this webinar, including a demo on how to create a data pipeline with CrateDB Cloud for data ingestion and visualization.

Wind turbines next to a road

Industry 4.0: the power of machine data for business success

Machine data is the holy grail of Industry 4.0. We talk about the data challenges in IIoT, and what can we do to tackle them in order to succeed in this new age of industrialization.

House at the coast side

6 things to know when buying a house (for your data)

Big decisions require big thinking. Before jumping into buying a house for your data—in other words, a database—consider these little tips. Your future self will thank you later.

Infrastructure diagram: Connecting Azure IoT Hub and CrateDB Cloud for the Ingestion of Sensor Data

Working with CrateDB in the Azure IoT ecosystem

We (proudly) present the advantages of using CrateDB integrated into the Azure ecosystem, both on EDGE and in the Cloud.

CrateDB Enterprise Version

Tips for a successful Smart Factory transition

Ready for the Industry 4.0? We discuss best practices for tackling the transformation right from the start—talking about people, technologies, and management.

The word Data on a cyan background with lines and rectangles on it

The design of a time-series database

Best practices for working with time-series data fast, with horizontal scalability, and with SQL.

The word NoSQL on a black background with colored stripes and rectangles on it.

Is the future of NoSQL... SQL?

We believe NewSQL databases like CrateDB deliver the best of the NoSQL and traditional SQL worlds. Why do we think so? Find it out in this webinar!

Word Scale in cyan on a white background with lines and rectangles on it.

How to scale your SQL database with Docker

Tips for making sure that your con­tainerized databases are performing at their best.

The word NewSQL on a white background with stripes and rectangles on it

Migrating to NewSQL: a guide

There is a modern way to deal with real-time machine data use cases. Follow the new path!

The word Data on a cyan background with lines and rectangles on it

Does the IoT need a specialized data stack?

Check out this discussion about the requirements of IoT use cases and make better decisions for your next data project.

Icon showing the word Sensor Data

Getting started with CrateDB: Sensor data

This webinar explains everything you need to know about how to handle your sensor data with CrateDB. Put them to work!

Icon showing the word Log Data on a grey background with cyan and darkgrey stripes on it

Getting started with CrateDB: Log data

Handling log data with CrateDB? This is the right place to start.

Icon showing the word Geospatial Data on a black background with a world icon and stripes on it

Getting started with CrateDB: Geospatial data

If your dataset includes geospatial data, this webinar will tell you the first steps to follow. Get it done with CrateDB!


The IoT Show

Turning IIoT data into action with CrateDB

Johannes Moser presents what CrateDB can do, showing it live in a demo


Getting started with CrateDB Cloud on Azure

Luke from the Product Team explains how to deploy CrateDB Cloud in a few quick steps


A conversation about industry, innovation and CrateDB

Christian Lutz chats with Maggie Miller during the IoT World conference in Santa Clara, California


Engineers from GolfNow explain why they chose CrateDB

Sheriff Mohamed and Marcus Briggs, engineers at GolfNow, talk about CrateDB and their experience with it

Dev Talk

Using containerized databases in a machine data environment

How can containerized microservices increase productivity in industry 4.0 use-cases? Claus from shows real-world examples

Dev Talk

My experience migrating to MongoDB

Why CrateDB made me wish I had a time machine, by Marios Trivyzas

Dev Talk

CrateDB and Docker

Scale your database like your application


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