Crate vs Cassandra

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Cassandra is a very powerful database, however it comes with a big, fat stack and the need for experienced teams that are dedicated to running the cluster. 

Compared to Cassandra Crate offers:

  • Standard SQL
  • Distributed JOINs
  • outstanding fulltext search
  • dynamic cluster resizing and auto-rebalancing
  • dynamic schema support (change anytime without penalty)
  • aggregates and sorting fields are not required to be known when the schema is defined
  • super simple setup and operation

Users that switch from Cassandra to Crate tell us that Crate is super easy to install and operate, has the advantage of powerful adhoc queries and allows to change the schema as their applications require without penalty.

A little disclaimer: comparisons depend on generalizations by their very nature. Let us know if you think we didn’t get something right and get in contact.


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