Create a new organization

This is a guide on how to create a new organization in the CrateDB Cloud Console. If you follow the cluster deployment tutorial, you will create an organization as part of the signup process via the Console wizard. Currently, clusters can only be deployed if you sign up in this way. Should you, however, access the Console otherwise, or have deleted your organization, this guide will inform you on how to create one from scratch.

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Create a new organization

When you first access the CrateDB Cloud Console, you will arrive at the Organization overview page. If there is not currently an active organization, the page will display an empty box logo and the message No organization yet.

Cloud Console org overview without organization

In order to create an organization, fill out the organization name in the space provided, and click Create organization.

When the organization has been created, you will be returned to the Organization page, where it will now be listed.

The Organization page

To access the Organization page, click Organization at the top left of the left-hand menu in the Console. Here you will see an overview of your organization, further subscription options, and any deployed clusters.

Cloud Console organization overview

The current tab is by default Subscriptions. There are also three further tabs.

In the Settings tab you see the organization name, unique ID, and notification settings.

In the Users tab you can add users to the organization at organization level. For more on adding users, see our guide to adding users to organizations and projects. To understand roles and role definitions, see our guide to user roles in CrateDB Cloud.

The Audit Log tab allows the organization admin access to the audit log. For more details on these tabs, see the description in the Console overview.

To create a new project within the organization, go to the Projects page after creating your organization. A description of this process can be found here.


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