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This is a quick guide on how to add users to organizations and projects and how to manage their privileges. This information can also be found in the CrateDB Cloud Console Overview but is presented here separately for ease of use.

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In CrateDB Cloud you can add team members to your organizations and projects. In order to add a user, they must first have signed up for CrateDB Cloud. Once they have an existing account, they can be added as a user.


You cannot add a user to an organization if that user is already a part of another organization.

Add users to an organization

New users can be added to an organization by going to the Organization page in the Console if you are logged in as organization admin. (For more information on user roles and associated privileges, see our documentation on user roles.) At the top, you will see four tabs labelled Subscriptions, Settings, Users, and Audit Log.

Cloud Console organization overview

Click the Users tab to see an overview of all users associated with the organization. It will show their username, email, and user role.

To add a new user click the Add user button in the top right.

Cloud Console organization overview users tab

First, enter the email address the user signed up with.

Second, select the role you want to give the user in your organization.

Finally, click Save.

Cloud Console org add user dropdown menu

Edit and delete users from an organization

You can also edit user roles and delete users in the Users tab. To edit a user’s role, simply click the pen icon corresponding to that user in the user table. This will bring up a dropdown menu. To delete a user, use the bin icon.


Note that in this tab you can only set organization user roles, not project user roles. To set project-specific user roles, see below.

Add users to a project

For projects the process is similar. You can add users to a project if you are an organization admin or an admin of the relevant project. In the Console, go to a project in the Projects page overview. You will see a list of all projects created within the organization on this page, with name, timestamp of creation, project ID, and region of deployment.

Cloud Console projects overview

Click on the project you want to add users to to select it. Below the divider line in the left-hand menu are shown the project-specific options. Go to the Users page in this menu. Here, you will see an overview of all users associated with the project, as well as their email address and role.

Cloud Console users overview

To add a user, click the Add user button at the top right. Choose a user and the project role you want them to have.

Cloud Console project add user dropdown menu

Finally, click Save to add the user.

To edit a user’s role, simply click the pen icon corresponding to that user in the user table. To delete the user from the project, click the bin icon.


  • An organization needs to have at least one organization admin. It is therefore not possible to remove the organization admin if there is only one.
  • By contrast, a project does not require a project admin. This is because every organization admin has access to each project of that organization without having to be a member of that project.
  • If a user is an organization admin but added as project member to a project, they will still have administrative rights in that project.


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