CrateDB for Time Series

Time Series database for those who want to know "why" data is changing over time

Time Series Plus..

Time series data processing is critically important to most IoT and machine data use cases. CrateDB scales to ingest and query millions of time series data points per second, but unlike single-purpose time series databases, CrateDB makes it possible to build richer analyses and share data with more concurrent users.

  • Easily scale to ingest millions of data points per second
  • Real-time query performance
  • Dynamic relational schema to handle new data capture and query requirements
  • Build your own stack…CrateDB works with Grafana, Kafka, or any SQL-enabled data integration and charting
  • Great for multi-user dashboards; scales to handle many concurrent users.
  • Built-in high availability for non-stop performance
CrateDB vs InfluxDB performance benchmark

In a benchmark querying 314 million rows of sensor readings, CrateDB executed 10x more queries per second under load than InfluxDB.

Read the comparison

Time Series Solution Resources

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