Beyond Whiteboards: Crate Goes Snowsprinting

February 23, 2016


Once a year the Crate community interprets the 'sprint' concept in a different way. We lock ourselves in a lodge in the Austrian Alps for a week of coding, cooking and skiing.

Cr8 - a Collection of Utility Scripts for Working with Clusters

February 12, 2016


Another great project from Snow Sprint, Cr8, a selection of utility scripts for working with Crate clusters.

Ctop - a Top Tool for Crate Clusters

February 11, 2016


Fresh from Snow Sprint comes ctop, a top tool for Crate clusters.

Snowsprint 2016

January 28, 2016


Johannes Moser

Every once in a year it is getting quiet in the Crate Offices in Dornbirn and Berlin, when all the people are gathering somewhere in the mountains. It's Snowsprint time.

Crate with Docker, Weave, Flocker, and Powerstrip at SnowSprint

January 29, 2015


There's been so much interesting work happening at the Crate.IO SnowSprint, but one of the most exciting has been to watch the WeaveWorks and ClusterHQ..

Crate.IO Snowsprint 2015 Recap: Dockerzeit

February 5, 2015


Crate.IO SnowSprint 2015 revived a long tradition of legendary Austrian Alpine hackathons. For a whole week we have been drinking beer, skiing...