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Put Machine Data to Work on Azure IoT

CrateDB Cloud is a scalable SQL cloud service hosted on Azure and operated 24 x 7 by the experts at It is ideal for industrial time series data processing and other IoT and machine data analytic workloads.

With 10x better price-performance than other time series cloud databases, unlimited scaling, and plug & play Azure IoT integration, CrateDB makes it easy and economical to build IIoT systems on Azure.

“Tens of thousands of sensors generate data along our production lines, and CrateDB for Azure IoT allows us to analyze it to make real-time changes to factory efficiency.”

Philipp Lehner


Industrial Time Series Data

Industrial IoT is an extreme time series data use case. It is orders of magnitude larger in scale and complexity than other time series workloads, such as those found in IT systems monitoring.

Connected factories, energy networks, smart city infrastructure, and vehicle fleets generate a massive amount of complex time series data. It is common to see the following from large manufacturers:

  • Millions of sensor readings per minute
  • Data flowing from 100+ factories and 1000+ production lines
  • 1000 different sensor message data structures
  • 100+ terabytes of retained data

Time series databases like InfluxDB, and AWS Timestream were built for smaller IT monitoring, and cannot cope with industrial time series data requirements. CrateDB Cloud on Azure can.

Why People Choose CrateDB Cloud

Real-time query performance

Partitioning, parallel processing and in-memory columnar indexes enable real-time, complex analytics & AI, not just simple time series aggregates.

Azure IoT integration

Built-in interfaces to Azure IoT Hub, Postgres wire protocol, JDBC, REST

Scales without limits

Elastic scaling, partitioning, sharding, replication for fast, always-on performance.

Complex time series data

Elegant JSON handling and Dynamic Schema. Automatically adapts schema to new JSON structures.

Fully managed cloud service

Secured, scaled, operated 24x7 by on Microsoft Azure

ANSI SQL compatible

Easy to learn, use, and integrate. No lock-in to proprietary time series data access interfaces.

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