CrateDB Cloud

The most scalable, fast, and cost-effective database for IoT & machine data. Now built into Azure.

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The #1 database for IoT-scale on Azure

Designed to handle the complexity of high-end time series work­loads in real-time, CrateDB Cloud is a fully-managed database-as-a-service. Secured, scaled, and operated by the engineers that built CrateDB.

Why CrateDB Cloud

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The efficiency & range of CrateDB in the Cloud

Ingest and query massive amounts of data with sub-second query speed and a 10x faster performance than traditio­nal TSDBs.

Icon Time series data

Handle complex time series data with ease

Dynamic schemas and data management to handle the complexity of extreme Industrial time series use cases.

Icon Scaling

Scale without limits

A database that grows with your use case: Scale smoothly using auto­matic reba­lan­cing and a shared-nothing architecture. Available on the Cloud soon.

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Fully integrated
with Azure IoT

Seamless integration with Azure IoT Hub.

Icon SQL

Standard SQL

Get the best of SQL & NoSQL in one data­base. CrateDB Cloud is SQL compati­ble, making it easy to use and integrate.

Icon Instant Results

Instant Results

Monitor your data in real-time. Connect your data to any SQL-based visualization tool. Turn your data into action.

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More cost-effective than other time series databases.

Icon CrateDB Cloud on Azure Benefits: Save resources

Save time & resources

Focus on making use of your data, not on maintaining a database.

Use Cases

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IoT & Sensors

Stream millions of readings into CrateDB per second and query them in real time.

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Icon representing Time Series

Time Series

Perfect for monitoring how data changes over time… plus why and where.

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Icon representing Geospatial Tracking

Geospatial Tracking

Powerful geospatial indexing to build vehicle tracking and other GIS applications.

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Icon representing Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Run real-time analytics on streams of network, IT event, and log data.

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