Crate IoT Data Platform for Discrete Manufacturing

Real-time machine insights for the data-driven factory

Mission Control - For Your Factories

Crate provides infrastructure software as a data processing layer to many IoT solutions. However for one specific vertical a full stack solution has emerged, which is offered for a focused customer group: Discrete Manufacturers for Consumer Packaged Goods - think about bottles that get filled with things, at massive scale. There is a good chance that bottles you use in your fridge or your bathroom have been running its data through the Crate Platform during their production cycle.

Data processing and analysis puts the "smart" in smart factories, smart cities, smart vehicles.

The Crate IoT Data Platform makes it easy to build smart systems that collect streams of data from connected devices and sensors, enrich the data, analyze it, and then initiate action "in the moment."

It enables you to monitor, predict, or control the behavior of things in real time, and make course corrections to improve business efficiency, profitability, and security every minute instead of every month.

Smart Factory Goals

Improve efficiency
Improve quality
Reduce waste
Reduce defects
Reduce response time of operators
Reduce on-boarding time for new personnel
Increase knowledge sharing across factories
Increase profitability

Crate IoT Data Platform at Work

Integrate, Enrich, Analyze

The Crate IoT Data Platform can be configured quickly to integrate and analyze hundreds of different data points from across all of your factories. Here a few of the measurements collected every few seconds from the machinery in a consumer packaging manufacturer:

Crate IoT Data Platform: Improving the production process with real time notes and reports

Take Action & Share Knowledge

Crate IoT Data Factory Notification: Screen showing real time Notification of the Notes apppWhen the Crate IoT Data Platform detects or predicts an unusual change in data, it alerts an expert factory operator in mission control.

The operator alerts someone at the machine in the factory, via a mobile notification system, suggesting an adjustment or repair.

After the issue is resolved, the factory operator logs a note explaining how the issue was resolved. Notes are shared via on-line manuals, across all factories, to improve knowledge sharing of best practices.

Continuously Improve

The IoT Data Platform can support most any reporting or data dashboard requirements you have. The diagram below shows the number and types of process improvement notes sent to a factory from mission control, and the speed with which notes were accepted and resolved.

Smart Factory Notification Responses

Technical Implementation

Fully Managed IIoT Data PaaS on Azure

Load, enrich, analyze streams of machine data

Secured, scaled, operated 24x7 by on Microsoft Azure

Analyze data in real-time as it streams into the platform

Fast time series, text search, geospatial queries and AI algorithms

Deploy your own code into the platform, so it can scale and secure your custom enrichment, analytics, visualization, integration functionality

Put machine data to work without having to build your own cloud-native data stack (with containers, identity management, backup & restore, logging, monitoring...)

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