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CrateDB is an Industrial IOT database technology for enterprise manufacturing and industrial organisations needing to scale the use of machine data to enable advanced real-time analytics and insights. The market's most advanced distributed SQL database, CrateDB’s technical architecture unlocks unlimited scale and speed, at a cost previously unachievable and is the only technology capable of simultaneously processing complex sensor/metadata together with relational data and BLOBs using SQL in real time.

Features & Pricing

CrateDB & Community Edition

The CrateDB Edition comes with the full feature-set and can be ope­rated on up to 3 nodes for free. For a setup with more than 3 nodes please request a CrateDB Enterprise license. The open source code of the free community edition continues to be available on our Git­hub repository under the Apache 2.0 license. The CrateDB Commu­nity Edition includes all features except the Enterprise features. Therefore it doesn't have a node limit.

You can deploy CrateDB in your own environment using the included Admin UI and the following rich feature set:

Deploy anywhere – base metal, VMs, private clouds, public clouds

Manage & monitor all the nodes in your cluster

Simple upgrading & elastic scaling without downtime


Full feature set with Authentication, Access Control, Encryption etc.

Enterprise features:

  • Unlimited scaling of cluster
  • 24x7x365 support, unlimited incidents and projects, SLAs
  • Response times: Critical 1hr,
    L2: 4hrs, L3: 1 day
  • 4 support contacts, intercom, email and phone support
  • Emergency patches

CrateDB Enterprise License

Price: Starting at $28.900 / year for 3 nodes (unlimited cores)

Special licensing for startups, OSS and education available

Features & Pricing

CrateDB Cloud – SaaS offering powered by the creators of CrateDB

A Heptagon with the CrateDB logo in the middle, enclosed in a larger heptagon with a cloud in it. Let the CrateDB Cloud Team operate your CrateDB Cluster in the cloud. We make it super easy to deploy, operate and scale your solution in the cloud. You focus on building your use-case with your applicati­ons and we make sure your Crate cluster runs smoothly, is always available, has proper backups, you just get a login and con­nect your services. CrateDB Cloud is available on Azure and AWS.

We manage for you –
You put your Data to Work

Starting clusters, scaling clusters
up and down, we take care of the opera­tional burden for you.

Your data is safe

We take care about running back­ups and snapshots and do the restores for you.

Always On.
We monitor day and night.

Our cloud super heroes never sleep. When there should be a hiccup in the hardware, network
or an attack, our team is 24x7x365 on alert and will jump onto any problem with your cluster.

Trust Crate

40% of the Fortune 500 are using services that are built on top of CrateDB. Our Cloud Team operates mission critical data lakes for $BN manufacturing companies, the leading Energy Drink producer, but also many Startups and SMBs trust us with their data requirements.


CrateDB Cloud Pricing

Starting at $350.-/month.


Pricing Questions?

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