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CrateDB Pricing

Enabling data insights at scale

CrateDB is available in the cloud, at the edge, and on-premises to fit everyone's needs.


CrateDB Cloud Plans

CrateDB Cloud is a fully managed SaaS solution and the best way to experience the power of CrateDB. Choose between Microsoft Azure or AWS Cloud once you select the best plan for you.


CrateDB free tier for small-scale development purposes

- CPUs up to 2
- Memory 2 GB
- Storage 8 GB

Free of charge

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Shared-resources clusters for development environments and low-traffic applications

- CPUs up to 2
- Memory 2 GB
- Storage 8 GB

From $51 / month

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Smaller cluster suited for development and small production environments

- CPUs 1.75 to 15.75
- Memory 7 to 63 GB
- Storage 32 GB to 2 TB

From $187 / month

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Ideal for small to medium-sized production environments

- CPUs 3.5 to 31.5
- Memory 14 to 126 GB
- Storage 256 GB to 36 TB

From $437 / month

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The right choice for more demanding use cases and larger data volumes

- CPUs 7 to 63
- Memory 28 to 256 GB
- Storage 512 GB to 72 TB

From $867 / month

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A high-end plan perfect to process huge amounts of data in real time

- CPUs 14 to 126
- Memory 56 to 504 GB
- Storage 512 GB to 72 TB

From $1,568 / month

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Can't find what you are looking for? We are happy to make you an individual offer based on your requirements.

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CrateDB Edge

CrateDB Edge brings the scale, availability, and convenience of a managed CrateDB cluster wherever your data is — including remote and offline locations.

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CrateDB On-Premises


The full functionality of CrateDB is open-source and the best way to get started for developers, startups, or educational purposes.

Support: Community

Premium Support

Our premium support plans provide access to proactive, consultative support with regular check-ins, on-demand training from development to production. Our Customer Engineering is available 24x7 for an unlimited number of inquiries.

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Pricing Questions?

Need help with pricing? Send us your questions and needs, and our team will get back to you as fast as possible.

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