Press Release Accelerates Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing IIoT Initiatives on Azure with Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Status

2018-12-13 has earned Co-Sell Ready Status through the Microsoft One Commercial Partner (OCP) Program for its CrateDB Cloud for Azure IoT Solution.

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Connecting SQL and NoSQL into One Platform


Merging the comfortable familiarity and efficiency of SQL with the flexibility and scalability of a non-relational systems is no easy task.

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Linuxinsider Releases Commercial Machine Data Platform

2018-06-20 on Tuesday introduced a commercial Machine Data Platform, along with a new version of its open source SQL database for the Internet of Things and machine data. The company also announced an US$11 M Series A funding round.

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IoT Tech News raises $11 million in series A funding to push SQL IOT data platform

2018-06-20 has raised $11 million in Series A funding to push development of its vision for an open source SQL database for real-time machine data and IoT applications.

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TechCrunch raises $11M and launches its hosted IOT data platform

2018-06-20, the winner of our Disrupt Europe 2014 Startup Battlefield competition, today announced that it has raised an $11 million Series A round.

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Database startup lands $11M funding round

2018-06-20 Inc., developer of the specialized CrateDB database for real-time machine data and “internet of things” applications, said today it has raised $11 million in a funding round led by Zetta Venture Partners and Deutsche Invest Equity.

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SD Times announces the Crate Machine Data Platform and Crate 3.0


Data management and Internet of Things solutions provider is launching a new platform for processing and analyzing IoT and machine data.

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CrateDB Raises Cash, Upgrades Machine Data Platform

2018-06-20 this week announced the close of a Series A funding round that garnered $11 million.

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Coinspeaker Secures $11M and Launches SQL-based IoT Data Platform

2018-06-20, the Californian company behind the CrateDB project, has announced that it has raised $11 million in Series A financing round.

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The next platform

Crating all of the data that the edge creates


With the Crate Machine Data Platform built upon CrateDB 3.0 organizations can simply use developers with the relevant SQL skills to build their custom IOT applications

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