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Crate.io Raises €2.5M in Seed Funding

The round, which followed a $4m round closed in March 2016, was led by Vito Ventures with participation from Dawn Capital, Draper Esprit, …

Crate.io Introduces CrateDB, an Open Source SQL Database

Crate.io is releasing CrateDB 1.0, an open source SQL database that enables real-time analytics for machine data applications. CrateDB …

CrateDB 1.0 Delivers New Stable Open-Source Database Option

CrateDB 1.0 Delivers New Stable Open-Source Database Option

Crate.io unboxes clustered SQL CrateDB, decamps to California

After a million downloads since its introduction, CrateDB, an open-source distributed SQL database suited for real-time analysis of machine data, has reached its 1.0 release. …

Crate.io Launches Open Source Database for Analyzing Machine Data

CrateDB 1.0 is unique because it combines a distributed SQL query engine based on a columnar, NoSQL storage and indexing.

3 Cutting-edge Frameworks on Apache Mesos

CrateDB from Crate.io runs as a distributed, scalable, shared-nothing SQL Mesos framework.

Crate Secures $4M for its Next-Gen SQL Database

Crate, the winner of our TechCrunch Disrupt Europe startup Battlefield in 2014, today announced that it has raised a $4 million seed round for its open-source SQL database technology.

11 Cutting-edge Databases Worth Exploring Now

How many times have you found yourself wishing for the power of a search engine like Lucene but with the structure and querying ease of SQL? If the answer is more than zero, CrateDB may be the answer..

And The Winner Of TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2014 Is… Crate

After hours of deliberations, TechCrunch editors pored over the judges’ notes and narrowed the list down to four finalists: Crate.io, Disease …

Crate Lets Developers Set Up Big Data Backends In Minutes

With Crate, developers can quickly set up a distributed database cluster, either on their own hardware or in a public cloud, and know that it will be able to scale. …

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