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Crate.io Named a “Cloud Enabler” in Microsoft 2017 Growth Accelerator

Crate.io will leverage Microsoft relationship to enhance Azure managed CrateDB service deployment option.

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Microsoft Chasing European Startups for Future Cloud Business

Microsoft supporting start-ups building software for some of the fastest-growing areas in computing, including connected factories and vehicles, AI, blockchain databases and computer vision.

How We Designed CrateDB as a Realtime SQL DBMS for the Internet of Things

About the DBMS design choices that Crate.io made to support the new IoT data workload–millions of machine data points queried in real time.

NBC GolfNow Chooses CrateDB to Enrich Golfing Experience for Millions of Golfers by Processing Geospatial Data in Real Time

Open source SQL database deployed in containers easily scales to handle hundreds of queries per second and saves GolfNow hundreds of thousands of dollars.

CrateDB 2.0 Enhanced with Stronger Cluster Capabilities, Security Upgrades, and SQL Improvements

CrateDB 2.0, a SQL database for real time analytics of IoT and machine data, features enhanced cluster capabilities and SQL improvements.

CrateDB 2.0 Enterprise stresses security and monitoring — and open source

The open source database for processing high-speed freeform data with SQL queries now has enterprise features, available as open source for faster developer uptake.

With version 2.0, Crate.io’s CrateDB database puts an emphasis on IoT

With this new version, this clustering system offers improved performance and resiliency.

Roomonitor Looks to CrateDB for Real Time Analytics of IoT Sensor Data for Automated Climate Control

CrateDB replaces MongoDB for real-time analysis of millions of climate sensor data points to lower costs for hospitality industry.

Clickdrive Using CrateDB for IoT-Enabled Vehicle Tracking and Predictive Maintenance

Clickdrive, an internet-enabled onboard vehicle monitoring solution, has selected CrateDB to enable storage and analysis of up to 2,000 data points per second, per car…

Crate.io CrateDB Honored as Tech Trailblazer Winner for Big Data

Tech Trailblazers, an independent and dedicated awards program for enterprise information technology startups, has named Crate.io winner of the Big Data Trailblazer award…

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