django-shop-multiplecurrencies 1.0.0

Multiple currencies for Django Shop
        django SHOP - Multiple Currencies
        This app adds support for multiple currencies to django SHOP.
        Do not use (yet)!
        This app is still under development and might not work at all.
        This requires django SHOP to work (
        * Add `shop_multiplecurrencies` to your INSTALLED_APPS in your
        * Add `shop_multiplecurrencies.middleware.MultipleCurrenciesMiddleware` to your
          `MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES` setting
        * Add a list of currencies to the `SHOP_CURRENCIES` setting like so
          SHOP_CURRENCIES=[ # lowercase codes, please
              ['chf', 'swiss franc'],
              ['eur', 'euro'],
        * Add a MultipleCurrenciesField to your product model
          from django.db import models
          from shop_multiplecurrencies.fields import MultipleCurrenciesField
          from shop.util.fields import CurrencyField
          class MyProduct(models.Model):
              # my fields ...
              price = MultipleCurrenciesField(CurrencyField)
        The model will in our example have two fields: `price_chf` and `price_eur`.
        * Extend BaseOrder with an additional field that tells us which currency the order was completed in
          from django.conf import settings
          from shop.models.defaults.bases import BaseOrder
          from shop.models.defaults.managers import OrderManager
          class MyOrder(BaseOrder):
              currency = models.CharField(max_length=6, choices=settings.SHOP_CURRENCIES)
              objects = OrderManager()
              def save(self, *args, **kwargs):
                  self.currency = get_currency()
                  super(MyOrder, self).save(*args, **kwargs)
              class Meta(object):
                  abstract = False
        * Use the currency template filter in your templates to prefix the price with the correct currency
          {% load currency %}
          <p>This product's price is {{ price|currency }}</p>
BSD License


Ales Kocjancic


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