Opensource is an open source company to it’s core, and we encourage everyone to check out Crate’s code to see how we’ve built what we think is a kick-ass database, and get a glimpse at what we’re working on next in the dev branches as we continue to make even better.

You can find us on GitHub, which is also the best place to report issues, add feature requests, or star us. We really love those GitHub stars!


No one wants to see new features added more than we do and we’re constantly releasing new ones. To make sure we’re focusing on the most important ones next, we’d love to get your feedback to help us prioritize them. Just open an issue on Github and describe the feature you would like to see us add. Any details you can provide on why you think this would be awesome, and how you would use it will help us a lot in giving it the prioritization it deserves.

Before reporting an issue please make sure you are using the latest version of Crate.IO, and take a look at the issues list on Github first It may be already tracked and in our pipeline, so by adding your comment it’ll help give it the urgency it deserves. Extra karma for helping us to reproduce the bug by including a small test case we can run.

contributing to crate

Our community is what makes us great, and we’d love for you to be a part of it! Here’s how you can dive in:

(1) Fork and clone the repository

Clone the main Crate GitHub repository to your local machine.

(2) Start coding

The document DEVELOP.rst on GitHub has detailed instructions about how to work on Crate.

(3) Test your changes

Run the included tests to help verify everything works well.

(4) Sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

We’d never ask you to give us your copyright, however our lawyers tell us we need your OK to distribute your code without restriction. Without that the Crate loving community wouldn’t be able to use your contribution.

(5) Update your local repository with latest Crate code

Rebase your branch on top of the latest master branch. Changes squashed into a single commit help us to do the review in the shortest possible time. 

(6) Submit a pull request

Update your forked copy of the repository and submit a pull request to our team. Describing your changes and (if applicable) referring to the issues it relates to are not just good project hygiene, it makes for a better world.

(7) Grab a coffee (other beverage preferences are also accepted)

Our team will review your pull request and if needed reach out with feedback. Once completed successfully, your code is on it’s way to Crate’s codebase.

Oh and before you get started, it’s always a good idea to jump into on Slack and let our developers know about your ideas so we can help you get hacking away with tips, tricks and encouragements.

Looking forward to seeing you there!