What is Machine Data?

Machine data is information generated by things

Machine data is automatically generated by programmable things, like the computers in a data center. Appliances in a home. Machinery in a factory. The cars we drive, the fitness gear we wear, and the smartphones we carry.

There are boundless opportunities to put machine data to work because it is often an immutable record of the interactions between the people and things in a system. It can be collected and analyzed to reveal fraud, improve customer service, or raise manufacturing productivity.

CrateDB is a SQL database for managing machine data and analyzing it in real time. It has the versatility and scalability to handle the variety, velocity and volume of machine data–millions of structured and unstructured data points or log entries per second.

72% of CrateDB users claim to use the database to manage machine data. Many of their use cases are listed below.


Sensor Data

Vibration, temperature, pressure, sound volume, power levels, acceleration, telemetry and many other types of sensor data can be use in new IoT applications:

  • Smart homes
  • Smart cities
  • Industrial equipment monitoring & troubleshooting
  • Anomaly detection
  • Metering and billing

Log Data

Audit log data generated by databases, file systems, applications, web servers, and other IT infrastructure can be used for:

  • Security analytics & fraud detection
  • eCommerce
  • Performance monitoring & optimization
  • Usability analysis
  • Debugging and troubleshooting


Network Data

Call detail records (CDRs), network events, packets, and network data can inform:

  • Billing and revenue assurance
  • Capacity planning
  • Network performance degradation
  • Market intelligence


Internet of Things (IoT)

New IoT solutions are developed by collecting GPS readings, biometrics, meter readings, and device state:

  • Fitness gear
  • Smart vehicles
  • Medical & remote diagnostic equipment


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