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On our journey we like to explore, travel, make friends, eat, and code. We're hiring in San Francisco, New York, Berlin, and Dornbirn (Austria) - and hope you'll join us!

Company Culture

We embrace a wide variety of interests and activities at, although suspiciously they often revolve around travel, food, drink, mountains, and snow. Company Culture: Food

We do quite literally have an appetite for the unknown. Company Culture: Team

We travel to exotic places, and take pictures there. Company Culture: Sailing

Our sailing skills are unmatched. Company Culture: Skiing

It is important to us to keep in touch with the mountains. Company Culture: Winter

Be it winter… Company Culture: Summer

...or summer. Company Culture: Snow Sprint

Once a year we follow a tradition of retreating into the Austrian alps. Company Culture: Food

There we enjoy great local cuisine and hospitality... Company Culture: Hacking

...and a few days where we share what we love.

Open Positions

The Internet of Things (IoT) will generate an enormous wave of new data from vehicles, wearables, industrial machines and other devices. Crate was founded in 2013 and is reinventing the SQL database to handle machine data… tens of thousands of inputs per second, analyzed in real time. We’re passionate about our mission, because it enables our customers to put data to work and use it to transform the way people learn, connect, heal, and do business.

At, our people work in agile teams and are versatile and always eager to tackle new problems as we continue to push technology forward.

We love what we do and are total geeks at heart.