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Who works at Crate.io? An amazingly diverse group of talented individuals, who together make an awesome team. If you are creative and have a self-start attitude, then you would fit into the Crate.io team incredibly well. Come scale with us!

Our people work in agile teams, always willing to take on new challenges as we continue to develop our technology. We love what we do... And we are total geeks at heart.

Whilst working on some database stuff, we also like to explore, travel, make friends, eat, and code.

Our Mission

With offices in Austria, Germany, the US and Switzerland Crate.io unifies a diverse group of people. The Crate.io team is distributed globally, connected with the common goal of working hard and playing harder in that the successes are celebrated as a reward for hard work.

The company’s mission is to put the customer’s machine data to work, empower the employees to work cohesively as teams to build the best database technology in the world, whilst having some fun along the way. For our owners that aim is to make them proud of what has been created, give them job satisfaction and help turn their ideas into reality.

Current Openings

Join us

If you are a career starter, enthusiastic, ambitious, and think you'd enjoy working with us, get in touch at any time: jobs@crate.io

System of Values

At any time we offer to explain the meaningfulness and relational of tasks, goals and measures.

We strive towards and celebrate joint success.

We offer a work environment based on collaboration and cooperation. At the same time we respect everyone's individuality.

We appreciate and respect each and everyone and their opinions and provide open and honest feedback.

It is our aspiration to provide everyone with the opportunity to grow by taking on new and challenging tasks.

There is as much room for self-determination as possible.

By Living Our Values above we gain happiness and satisfaction.

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