Crate.IO is OPEN SOURCE and can be used in the Community Edition (on Github) for free, even if you use it commercially. We’ll support you here. Check out the Apache 2.0 license.

We currently offer a simple Startup support option for productive deployments. The concept is that Crate support is priced per Cluster. Use any number of nodes that makes sense for your use-case, usually more is better.

Startup License

  • $ 12.000 / € 12.000 per year
  • Run your cluster with unlimited nodes
  • Onboarding session (video conf) with one of our core dev´s & architects to discuss your project, data structure, migration, hardware sizing etc.
  • Cluster Notification Service (SMS and email)
  • Support via dedicated Slack Channel
  • Support Email – guaranteed email ticket support (max 48 hours)
  • Support Phone – scheduled phone call (one per quarter)
  • Cluster Notification Service (SMS and email)


  • Up to $5M USD in annual revenue
  • Up to $10M USD in funding
  • Please contact us to enroll / check your qualification

Business & Enterprise License

Use our experience in managing large datasets including regarding SLAs, support, features, integration and more. We’ll help you build and operate a super-fast and super-reliable big data cluster with 24/7 support.

Enterprise License will feature on top of the Open Source product:

  • Commercial License
  • Commercial SLA´s
  • Full blown “point in time recovery”
  • Encryption
  • Cross Data Center Replication
  • Multi-Tenancy

Enterprise License Service included:


  • Phone 24×7 on tier 1 issues
  • Email 24×7 on tier 1 issues
  • Unlimited incidents
  • Emergency patches

Please get in contact with us, we are eager to talk to you.

Get the full set of features of the Enterprise License with business and enterprise level support. Contact us for pricing.