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Get CrateDB

Get CrateDB

The power of CrateDB available in the cloud

The power of CrateDB

The seamless scaling and high-volume performance in real time of CrateDB

Fully managed service

Efficient and worry-free data storage, hosted and operated for you by the experts at

Secure in the cloud

CrateDB's high availability with the physical security of the cloud, plus encryption, role-based access, and easy backup & restore

No lock-in

CrateDB anywhere, any time, as you need it. In the cloud via Azure or AWS and on-prem with CrateDB Edge

Deploy CrateDB Cloud in a few clicks

CrateDB Edge

CrateDB Edge brings the scale, availability, and convenience of a managed CrateDB cluster wherever your data is — including remote and offline locations

Complete data ownership and privacy

CrateDB Edge is a perfect fit for organizations who require full ownership over their data and trust their CrateDB deployments managed, optimized, and scaled by experts. By connecting CrateDB Edge to your own backup location, have data ownership at all times.

Seamless integration with existing infrastructure

Whether running CrateDB in an enterprise’s own on-prem data center, on your own subscription on AWS, Azure, Google or any other cloud, CrateDB Edge offers flexibility and does not require continuous internet connectivity for cluster operation.

Real-time analytics on the edge

Deploying clusters locally allows analytics to be performed closer to the data source – significantly optimizing resources and response time. CrateDB Edge offers the full functionality as CrateDB Cloud, making it simple and straightforward for developers to build applications that run on the Edge and the Cloud.

Logical Replication

Configurable data synchronization features ensure that select portions of Edge data can be automatically pushed into the cloud or even sync with other Edge regions to enable all kinds of analytics aspects including learning models in the cloud and operational machine analytics on the edge.

Maximum Compatibility
CrateDB Edge works on both managed Kubernetes on Cloud vendors such as Azure, AWS and Google and on self-managed Kubernetes on customers' on-premises hardware. Users are able to set-up CrateDB Edge wherever they prefer. CrateDB Edge supports vanilla Kubernetes as well as many different distributions such as AKS (Microsoft), GKE (Google), EKS (Amazon)

Simplified set-up
CrateDB Edge simplifies the setup, upgrades, backups, scaling, high availability and more for running CrateDB on Kubernetes. It is built for maximum compatibility with Kubernetes and leverages the orchestration for set-up and management of CrateDB clusters.

Access to DBaaS
With CrateDB Edge the users get access to a private database-as-a-service (DBaaS) at scale. Users can now deploy CrateDB clusters in any cloud or on premises environment they want.

Pre-Release Version

CrateDB Edge is currently available as Pre-Release version. Get started by reading about the prerequisites and our tutorial that guides you through the setup and explains in detail the Managed Kubernetes and the Self-hosted option.

Get started with CrateDB Edge

Download CrateDB

Open Source

All CrateDB features are available in a single, open-source version licensed under Apache 2.0

Simple scalability

Scales easily to handle more data, more users


ANSI SQL with elegant JSON support, full-text search, and dynamic schemas

Industrial time series database

Optimized for industrial volumes of data in real time

IoT interfaces

Easy IoT integration via Azure IoT Hub, Telegraf, and other tools

We offer free support through our community and paid enterprise support.

Installation Guides

For Debian & Ubuntu, Docker and Red Hat or CentOS installations, please refer to our installation guides:

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