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Crate offers a comprehensive selection of tools to suit the needs of many business requirements. From analyzing large data sets and text records in real-time to find the details you need, to storing and retrieving media files, Crate has what you're looking for.

Whilst other solutions make your developers learn new and single-purpose skills to use them, with Crate they can use familiar and established knowledge to gain new potential.

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If you've ever developed an application that used a traditional database for storing data you'll know the complexities of adding search features beyond SQL like queries. Typically this has involved integrating additional components to your application stack such as Lucene, Solr or Elastic Search. This search index then needs to synchronized with data changes and maintained.

Crate includes comprehensive built-in full text search features alongside SQL and BLOB storage, available in queries with other fields in the same tables.

With Crate, full text search and analysis of column values is comprehensive and fast. Let's look at an example. | crash
Welcome to the Crate Shell (aka CraSh), hit enter to execute query

SELECT date_format('%Y-%m', date_trunc('month', created_at)) AS date,
  count(*) AS cnt_pos
  FROM github
  WHERE match(record_ft, 'hallelujah hurray bingo amused cheerful excited glad proud')
  AND TYPE = 'PushEvent' AND (created_at >= '2012-01-01' AND created_at <= '2015-09-01')
  GROUP BY date ORDER BY date ASC;

This query searches our GitHub archive data set for commit messages pushed to repositories that contained positive words between the beginning of 2012 and September 2015 and splits them per month. Of course searching for these words doesn't necessarily mean the commit messages were positive, but for example purposes it's perfect.

The match() statement is where the magic happens and allows for a wide variety of analysis options.

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