Refresh one or more tables explicitly.


REFRESH TABLE (table_ident [ PARTITION (partition_column=value [ , ... ])] [, ...] )


The REFRESH TABLE command refreshes one or more tables and all its rows, making all changes made to that table available to all further commands.

The PARTITION clause can be used to only refresh specific partitions of a partitioned table. All columns by which a table is partitioned are required.

In case the PARTITION clause is omitted all partitions will be refreshed. For performance reasons doing that should be avoided if possible.

See Partitioned Tables for more information on partitioned tables.

Without issuing this statement there is no guarantee that a change (UPDATE, DELETE, COPY or INSERT) will be seen by an immediately following SELECT statement for the row(s) affected by this change. By default a refresh is scheduled periodically.

Internally a refresh opens a new table reader, which is then used by all subsequent searches on the affected table.

For further details see Refresh. For changing the refresh interval see refresh_interval.


table_ident:The name (optionally schema-qualified) of an existing table that is to be refreshed.
partition_column:Column name by which the table is partitioned.


[ PARTITION ( partition_column = value [ , ... ] ) ]
partition_column:The name of the column by which the table is partitioned. All partition columns that were part of the PARTITIONED BY Clause of the CREATE TABLE statement must be specified.
value:The columns value.