Table Functions

Table functions are functions that produce a set of rows. They are used like a table or subquery in the FROM clause of a query.

Table of Contents

empty_row( )

empty_row doesn’t take any argument and produces a table with an empty row and no column.

cr> select * from empty_row();
SELECT OK, 1 row affected  (... sec)

unnest( array [ array , ] )

unnest takes any number of array parameters and produces a table where each provided array argument results in a column.

The columns are named colN where N is a number starting at 1.

cr> select * from unnest([1, 2, 3], ['Arthur', 'Trillian', 'Marvin']);
| col1 | col2     |
|    1 | Arthur   |
|    2 | Trillian |
|    3 | Marvin   |
SELECT 3 rows in set (... sec)

If an array with object literals is passed into unnest the object will be regarded as a object with column policy ignored. This means that it is not possible to access values of the object using the subscript notation:

cr> select col1['x'] from unnest([{x=10}]);
SQLActionException[ColumnUnknownException: Column col1['x'] unknown]