Run CrateDB on Packet

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Packet is a bare metal provider built for the next generation of production workloads. Their emphasis on API-centered cloud deployment, fast networking, and container-ready hardware make them a good choice for developers and production workloads - and perfect for CrateDB clusters!

Create Your CrateDB project

Packet organizes machines as projects which bundle together several types of deployments:

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Network
Packet: Projects

To get started, create a new project called ‘Crate’ (or any name of your choosing) and deploy some machines. For production use, we recommend Type-1 <> servers, which are powerful enough to handle medium to large workloads.

Packet: Servers

Start by choosing an operating system for your deployment. After the server is ready, Packet’s IaaS machines behave just like any other machine. Make sure to deploy an SSH key to access the server and after the machines are ready, SSH access can be obtained by logging in with ssh root@<public-ip>. From there it’s just as any other Linux machine and there are several ways to install CrateDB on the machine(s). Check out our guide for installing CrateDB on Linux.