The CrateDB Admin UI

CrateDB ships with a web administration user interface (UI), or admin UI for short.

The CrateDB admin UI runs on every CrateDB node, and you can use it to inspect and interact with the whole CrateDB cluster in a number of ways.

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The CrateDB admin UI is an open source project and is hosted on GitHub.

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The admin UI is accessible via HTTP at port 4200, at a URL like so:


Here, replace HOSTNAME with the hostname of the CrateDB node. If CrateDB is running locally, this will be localhost.


If port 4200 is accessed via a client library or command line tool like curl or wget, the request will be handled by the CrateDB Rest API, and the response will be JSON.

Overview screen

Here’s what the admin UI will look like when it first loads:



This is the standard theme. The community edition of CrateDB uses a lighter theme.

The navigation is split into two parts:

Status bar

Along the top of the screen, from left to right, the status bar has:

  • Cluster name
  • CrateDB version
  • Number of nodes in the cluster
  • Health checks
    • Data status:
      Green:All data is replicated and available
      Yellow:Some records are unreplicated
      Red:Some data is unavailable
    • Cluster status:
      Green:Good configuration
      Yellow:Some configuration warnings
      Red:Some configuration errors
  • Average cluster load (for the past minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes)
  • Settings and notifications menu