Deploy a cluster from scratch

This set of tutorials explains how to subscribe and deploy your cluster on CrateDB Cloud. The first step is always to sign up with our own service. If you have not yet done so, please refer to the signup tutorial first.

After you have signed up successfully, CrateDB Cloud offers two different methods to subscribe and get started with deploying a cluster. The easiest and recommended method is to sign up for CrateDB Cloud with a credit card. By subscribing using your credit card, the process is as simple as filling out your card details and then going through the cluster deployment process. This process is detailed step by step in the tutorial for deploying a cluster by credit card. Payment processing for your credit card is fully PCI compliant and powered by Stripe.

Additionally, CrateDB Cloud currently supports subscribing via our Software as a Service (SaaS) offers on two different cloud provider marketplaces: Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace and Amazon’s AWS Marketplace. Our tutorials also feature a full walkthrough for the signup and deployment process for each of these under the header of deploying via the Marketplace offers.

Once you are ready to deploy your cluster, go through the steps in the relevant tutorial to proceed.

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