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Getting Started With CrateDB

CrateDB is a distributed SQL database that makes it simple to store and analyze massive amounts of data in real-time. A new and better SQL database is just four steps away.


01 Install and Run

Start a single CrateDB node by following one of our specialized guides.


02 First Use

Get familiar with the basics of CrateDB:


03 Start Building

Pick a client library, and start building your first app!


04 Take It Further

Learn more about CrateDB:


CrateDB Technical Overview

A detailed description of CrateDB's architecture. Find out all about how CrateDB is built!


Building IoT applications with open-source tools

Learn how to build IoT applications using an open-source stack: Apache Kafka, Apache Flink and CrateDB


Monitoring CrateDB on Kubernetes with Prometheus and Grafana

Description: Learn how to set up Prometheus and Grafana with CrateDB so as to monitor CPU, memory, and disk usage, as well as CrateDB metrics like queries per second.


Infrastructure as Code, Part One

Infrastructure as Code uses code to provision, configure, and manage infrastructure. This post will introduce you to the basic concepts and explain some of the benefits

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