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Industrial IoT

Industry 4.0 project analyzes industrial sensor data from 1500 production lines to increase factory efficiency in real time.

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NBC GolfNow Logo

NBC GolfNow: Geospatial Tracking

NBC GolfNow queries GPS data for 4 million golfers.

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Clickdrive Logo Real-
time Smart Vehicles tracks automotive vehicle fleets in real-time.

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Roomonitor Logo

Roomonitor: IoT Climate Control

Roomonitor stores and analyzes climate and noise sensor data with CrateDB.

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Digital Domain Logo

Digital Domain: IT Systems Monitoring

CrateDB & Grafana for real-time systems monitoring of virtual reality infrastructure.

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Senseforce Logo Industrial IoT

Real-time edge-cloud data warehouse for industrial IoT.

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Qualtrics Logo

Qualtrics: Marketing, Text Analytics

Using CrateDB to augment analysis of free-form text with machine learning algorithms.

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VolPstudio Logo

VoIPstudio: Call Detail Record Management

VoIPstudio searches multiple cloud systems with CrateDB.

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Avuxi Logo

Location Analytics

AVUXI processes billions of events from 65 million locations with CrateDB.

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Logo of CrateDB Customer ClearVoice

Clearvoice: Real-time Marketing Analytics

Clearvoice simplifies their content collaboration backend with CrateDB.

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Spatially Logo

Spatially: Marketing Location Analytics

Analyzing terabytes of marketing location & advertising data.

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DriveNow Logo

DriveNow: Real-time Clickstream Analysis

Using CrateDB to analyze & optimize e-commerce experience in real time.

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