CrateDB in Comparison

How the simply scalable SQL database CrateDB compares to NoSQL, NewSQL, Time Series, and others.

CrateDB vs. PostgresSQL Benchmark

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Real-time SQL with the data
flexibility and scalability of NoSQL

CrateDB is a distributed SQL database built on top of a NoSQL foundation (for storage, indexing, and networking), and it’s a best fit if you need:

To ingest a fire hose of data

Millions of inserts per second

Query versatility

Real-time, time series, geospatial, text search, AI, …

Data versatility

Dynamic schemas of structured or unstructured data

Simple scalability

Grow the DB easily to handle more data or users

Industrial time series

Better price-performance and analytics for smart factories than InfluxDB, Timestream, and others.

CrateDB in Comparison to other Databases

Here’s a high-level comparison of CrateDB versus other database categories:

Traditional SQL
Time Series
Fire hose of data Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
Query versatility Checkmark Icon
Data versatility Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
SQL Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon Varies
Simple scalability Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
IoT Integrations Checkmark Icon Varies



CrateDB vs. PostgreSQL

In a benchmark querying 314 million rows of sensor readings, CrateDB provided 33x better price-performance than PostgreSQL.

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