The CrateDB Open Source Project

The CrateDB open source project was launched in 2013—the first distributed SQL DBMS built on a NoSQL foundation to help developers put machine data to work, simply. is the company responsible for keeping the momentum behind the CrateDB project.

CrateDB is a distributed SQL database built on a NoSQL foundation. It is familiar to use, simple to scale, and versatile for handling any type of structured or unstructured data with real-time query performance.

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You can report issues or request features by opening a request on GitHub.

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Read CrateDB documentation to deepen your knowledge of CrateDB. Or check out the CrateDB blog, or Resource Library for articles, webcasts, events, and other learning aids.

CrateDB Jobs

Create or fill CrateDB jobs! If you use CrateDB, add it to your professional profile. If you’re hiring CrateDB developers, mention CrateDB in your job descriptions.

Open Source Friends

We are proud to stand on the shoulders of open source giants like Lucene, Presto, Elasticsearch, Netty, and others that make CrateDB possible. We pay that forward by making CrateDB freely available under the Apache Version 2.0 license.

Commercial Users

To be able to serve enterprise customers and be a sustainable business, offers commercial CrateDB licenses, with premium features, support, and services.