The Crate open source project was launched in 2013 and today presents the simplest and most powerful option for any developer building a data intensive application. Crate.IO is the company responsible for keeping the momentum behind the Crate project. Crate remains 100% open.

Crate is an elastic distributed SQL data store. It is ideal for data intensive applications and combines the well known SQL interface with the document-oriented approach of modern NoSQL/MongoDB-style databases – the ideal middle ground for many developers. Crate is quick, powerful, and massively scalable.


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Check out Crate on GitHub and start hacking, building tools and drivers that help other developers. Here are some guidelines on what you need to do before you contribute.


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You can report issues or request features by opening a request on GitHub.


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You can join or start a Crate user group to network and learn about Crate.IO. If there isn’t a Crate user group near you, contact us and we will help you get started.


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Access the Crate.IO documentation for information about getting started with Crate or to deepen your knowledge of it. You can also join one of our events near you.

Open Source

We are proud to stand on the shoulders of Open Source giants, of which the most prominent are:


The SQL parser from Presto. We love the clean architecture and modern Java code. Presto is a distributed SQL Query Engine for Big Data by Facebook.


The transport protocol, cluster discover, Lucene integration and much more of Elasticsearch. Developed by Elasticsearch & Shay Bannon.


Much of the credit for speed goes to Netty. An asynchronous event-driven network application framework for rapid development of maintainable high performance protocol servers & clients. Developed by the Netty project team.


The Ultra-fast search library Apache Lucene that sets the standard for search and indexing performance. Developed by The Apache Software Foundation.

We’re happy to give back to the community and make Crate available under the Apache Version 2.0 license. See our notice file for a complete list of Open Source Software we are using.

To be able to serve enterprise customers and be a sustainable business, Crate offers commercial licenses, add-ons enterprise support and services.