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How We Use StackRox to Secure CrateDB Clusters on Docker

How we deployed StackRox to harden database security on our public-facing, Docker-based CrateDB cluster.

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Updated Best Practices

As a part of our last developer cycle, we added some new best practice guides to our docs, as well as updating some of the existing ones.

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Monitoring A Scalable SQL Database

The most important part of monitoring a CrateDB cluster is the understanding of which metrics you care about and why.

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How we orchestrated a SQL database with Docker Swarm Mode

How to orchestrate the deployment and scaling of a shared-nothing SQL database (CrateDB) on Docker 1.12 using Docker Swarm mode.

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Kubernetes and Crate

During our hackathon last weekend we came up with a template that would easily let users spin up a Crate cluster with Kubernetes.

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Happy Birthday Kubernetes!

During the Endocode's Kubernetes birthday party on 21 July, we came up with the idea to kickstart our Kubernetes support with a Hackathon!

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Orchestrating a SQL Database Cluster with Docker 1.12

At DockerCon 2016, Docker announced Docker 1.12 with new, integrated support for cluster orchestration and security. The orchestration capabilities make it even easier to launch, scale, and administer clustered software like the Crate SQL database.

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Insert Performance Boost on Replicated Tables

How we were able to greatly increase CrateDB's performance for replicated tables.

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Alpine Linux and Docker Nautilus Protect Crate Images

Since Crate generally plays well with containers, many users like and download our Docker images. As containerization is a new technology, many security experts...

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A 1001 Node Crate Cluster with Microsoft Azure

A Blog post on how we created a 1001 node Crate cluster, designed to push Crate and Microsoft Azure to their limits.

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