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Analyzing Docker Container Performance With Native Tools

In this blog post, we will set up a small CrateDB cluster with Docker and go through some useful Docker commands that let us take a look at performance.

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Orchestrating a SQL Database Cluster with Docker 1.12

At DockerCon 2016, Docker announced Docker 1.12 with new, integrated support for cluster orchestration and security. The orchestration capabilities make it even easier to launch, scale, and administer clustered software like the Crate SQL database.

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Alpine Linux and Docker Nautilus Protect Crate Images

Since Crate generally plays well with containers, many users like and download our Docker images. As containerization is a new technology, many security experts...

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A 1001 Node Crate Cluster with Microsoft Azure

A Blog post on how we created a 1001 node Crate cluster, designed to push Crate and Microsoft Azure to their limits.

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4 Things to Know about Databases in a Microservices Environment

CrateDB is a distributed SQL database with a horizontally scalable shared-nothing architecture that lends itself well to containerization.

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Crate.io is DockerCon Gold Sponsor

We are proud to announce that Crate.io is an official gold sponsor for DockerCon 2015.

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Docker's 2nd Birthday in Berlin

Docker is currently one of the most spoken about tech projects right now and it's hard to believe that it's only two years old. As...

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At Docker HQ for Docker's 2nd Birthday in San Francisco

As part of the birthday celebrations, we brought our laptops, ideas and a present for the team to Docker's headquarters in San Francisco.

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Deploying the Crate Distributed Database Using Mesos and Marathon

Using Mesosphere Marathon to manage CrateDB containers makes it easy to deploy a containerized database cluster and allocate database resources quickly

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Deploying a Crate Cluster with Docker Machine + Swarm

This post shows you how to set up a Swarm cluster on the Google Cloud Platform using Docker Machine and then run a Crate cluster using Docker Swarm.

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