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Connecting Azure IoT Hub and CrateDB Cloud for the Ingestion of Sensor Data

Learn how to connect CrateDB Cloud to Azure IoT Hub, ingesing sensor data with the help of an Azure IoT Solution Accelerator.

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Trip Report: J on the Beach, 2019

Some of the highlights from the J on the Beach 2019. With talk videos, some personal reflection, and links to further reading.

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Crate.io Named "Cool Vendor" by Gartner

Earlier this month Crate.io was named a "cool vendor" in the Gartner 2019 Cool Vendors in Manufacturing Operations report.

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Pair CrateDB with Grafana 6.x, an Open Platform for Time Series Data Visualization

Pair CrateDB with Grafana 6.x, an open-source platform for data visualization. Perfect for working with time-series data.

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Use CrateDB With DBeaver, a Multipurpose Database Tool for Developers and Database Administrators

This tutorial shows you how to get started with CrateDB and DBeaver, a free, open-source tool for developers and database administrators.

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On Open Source, Licensing, and Building a Sustainable Company

Read the perspective of the co-founder of Crate.io with respect to open-source licensing, its values, and how to make it work as a company.

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CrateDB 3.3 Is Now Stable and Ready for Use

CrateDB Enterprise can now be run for free for cluster up to three nodes, the Community Edition needs to be built by users themselves. Besides, there are more Window Functions, SQL Features, Postgres Compatibility and Monitoring, and Administration features.

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Transforming Data into Action: Real-Time Information on the Production Floor

Find out in this IIoT success story how a world-leader manufacturer is digitalizing their factories, saving money and time.

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Supercharge your Azure IoT and Time-Series Data Applications

We explain how CrateDB fits into the Azure IoT ecosystem and how it can be used to supercharge your Azure tech stack.

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Crate.io’s HANNOVER MESSE Prize Raffle!

Take part in the Crate.io fancy prize raffle during the HANNOVER MESSE, every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm at our booth.

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