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CrateDB 4.3 is now stable and ready to use

In this release, the CrateDB team has focused on improving speed in aggregations, SQLcompatibility and usability.

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How we set up a Customer Advisory Board to regularly engage with our users

Our Customer Advisory Board is the structure in which we regularly get together with engaged users of CrateDB and CrateDB Cloud.

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Amazon Timestream is finally released: these are our first impressions

Amazon Timestream is finally out in the world. After playing with it, we share our first thoughts (and also some data)

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Servus and Thank You!

Today I’m announcing my departure from Crate.io, the company I cofounded 7+ years ago and have been building together with a great team.

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Celebrate open-source software with Crate.io! Submit four pull requests to any of our projects and receive a limited edition swag.

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A warm welcome to Eva Schönleitner, new CEO of Crate.io

With Crate.io entering the next phase of expansion, I am very pleased to announce that Eva Schönleitner will lead our company as CEO from now on.

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How to facilitate productive remote meetings

Remote meetings are part of the daily work of many teams, but they can be messy. Let's talk about how to make them as productive as possible.

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An introduction to Machine Learning

This Machine Learning guide teaches you to the basic concepts you need to know before digging deeper. More advanced tutorials included at the end.

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Digital transformation to optimize efficiency in the factory floor: the future of manufacturing

Digital transformation is the key to stay competitive in the industrial sector. Find out how the industry 4.0 leaders are finding success.

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CrateDB 4.2 is now stable and ready for use

A lot of SQL functionality has been added to make CrateDB 4.2 work seamlessly in industrial IoT environments. Now available in Azure and AWS.

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