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How Azure Marketplace Integration Makes Using CrateDB Cloud Easier Than Ever

With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) becoming ever more a standard part of business operations and a major source of business intelligence, the need for an adequate database infrastructure has grown correspondingly. Crate.io offers such a database-as-a-service: one that is efficient, easy to use, fast, and above all easily scalable.

CrateDB combines the speed and scalability of NoSQL with the ease of use and interoperability of SQL databases, providing a distributed database architecture that can store and analyze massive amounts of machine data in real-time. It is optimized for time series data at the scale of IIoT, making it an ideal solution for business and industrial applications dealing with very high volumes of sensor readings.

On top of this, Crate.io also offers CrateDB Cloud the functionality of CrateDB but as a managed service in the cloud. CrateDB Cloud's service combines the strengths of CrateDB as a distributed database with the convenience and reliability of database storage in the cloud. Naturally, Cloud offers all the performance of CrateDB. This means real-time query performance on data at any scale and with sub-second response times. Moreover, it has a price-performance ratio an order of magnitude better than other time series databases.

But there is more. CrateDB Cloud is now available as a service on Azure Marketplace.CrateDB Cloud's offering on Azure represents a best of all worlds approach: the speed and scalability of CrateDB, the reassurance of knowing the database is secured and maintained in the cloud, and the practicality for business of using Microsoft's Azure Marketplace.

The benefits of using CrateDB Cloud via Azure

To really understand the benefits of using CrateDB Cloud's service via Azure it helps to have a clear overview of what they are. Then we will turn to a use case scenario which will make it clear just how easy it is to make it operational to suit your needs.

At the heart of the Azure offering is flexibility. Thanks to the different usage plans offered, the service is practical and affordable for both lower and higher volumes of usage. What's more, scaling up or down is possible at any time within the plan, as is changing plans.

Secondly, the service offers transparency. Only actual usage is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, making managing costs transparent for the user. Billing is done via Microsoft Azure, so that payments are easy and hassle-free.

Finally, it's user-friendly. The console makes any user operations on CrateDB Cloud's service on Azure as simple as clicking a button. There is no need to worry about command line instructions or complicated interfaces. Through the General Purpose plan, the cloud service is managed and maintained 24/7 by Crate.io engineers, saving server setup and maintenance worries.

In short, using CrateDB Cloud via Azure offers flexibility, transparency, and ease of use. Now let's look at how one would go about setting it up for a typical use case. As will become clear, the integration with Microsoft Azure makes setting up CrateDB Cloud through its Marketplace a smooth process – no hurdles in the way of getting started.

The ease of using CrateDB Cloud via Azure

Let's say you find yourself in a situation where you need to manage IIoT workloads and storage with a maximum of efficiency and scalability and a minimum of hassle and maintenance. Perhaps your traditional time series database has reached the limits of its capacity, or the operational historian is no longer adequate to the needs of modern business intelligence. What's more, you do not want to have to develop your own custom stack. You want something easily set up, adequate to the task, affordable, and scalable at need. So you turn to CrateDB Cloud, and the Azure service provides just what you are looking for.

Thanks to the integration with Microsoft's Azure platform, the setup is as easy as can be. Simply go to 'CrateDB Cloud' on the Azure Marketplace and click 'get it now'.

Deploying CrateDB Cloud via Azure Marketplace

In the Azure Portal, choose the plan that best suits your needs. The choice is made easy because each plan offers a practical combination of average workload capacity and data storage for larger or smaller database needs, expressed in DTUs. Each level of scaling within the plan adds or subtracts a DTU, and only DTUs per hour are actually billed. This way, you have transparency about your costs without needless complexity. Of course, any plan can be deleted at any time and billing will stop immediately – you are never stuck with any long-term subscriptions. Best of all, your company's Azure credits can be directly applied to the CrateDB Cloud service.

In the Portal, you provide the name and subscription plan and you are ready to get started with the service. Once confirmed and logged in via the Azure Portal, the CrateDB Cloud console helps with all the rest:

Setting the organization or project names, launching clusters, scaling them up or down, and all the administrative functions are managed through the CrateDB Cloud console interface.

Setting the organization or project names, launching clusters, scaling them up or down, and all the administrative functions are managed through the console interface. In this way, the database backend you require can be set up and ready to go in a matter of minutes. Making adjustments down the line and managing clusters and user roles at any point is no more difficult.

All the relevant cluster and user data is visualized on your service dashboard. For example, monitoring, alerting, prevention, and similar uses of IIoT data are in this way easily managed using CrateDB Cloud. The integration into the Azure architecture also guarantees compatibility with existing business intelligence and data visualization applications such as Event Hubs and PowerBI.

Presenting CrateDB Cloud via Azure

In short, with CrateDB Cloud's new offering on Azure, not only is all the work of building and maintaining an effective, modern, and scalable time-series database taken out of your hands, but it is also remarkably smooth to set up. Everything you need can be ready in no time at all. And on top of that, the costs are transparent and the billing is made as easy as can be through the integration with Microsoft Azure.

Whether you want a modern, scalable, and fast database backend that is a minimum of hassle to set up and use, CrateDB Cloud's service using Azure has what you need. 



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