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Announcing CrateDB Edge, our hybrid cloud database solution

Today is an exciting day for Crate.io: we are happy to introduce you to CrateDB Edge, a hybrid cloud database solution that will allow customers to capture and analyze data at the source while still enjoying the advantages of a managed service. By operating their own cloud regions, customers will have full ownership over their infrastructure, access to enhanced security, and (coming soon) the possibility of syncing with other edge regions and/or a centralized database. 

As we all know, the cloud offers great opportunities to organizations. Hosting your database in the cloud allows for an easy setup, accessibility, and integration, as well as other advantages like access to automatic backups, centralized monitoring of multiple data sources, and so forth.

However, some enterprises are hesitant to jump into the cloud—for good reasons.  With traditional cloud databases, enterprises don't have full control over their infrastructure; certain customers want to decide where their backups are stored, or how to handle their security. These organizations need a solution allowing them to keep control over these aspects while still enjoying the accessibility and convenience of a managed service in the cloud.

For example, let's picture a global manufacturer with plants distributed all over the world. For such a use case, it can be very interesting to perform certain analytics locally on each plant, maybe syncing later with a centralized database in the cloud. Such hybrid deployment would make it possible to perform real-time analytics on the edge while reducing bandwidth requirements, as only the necessary data would travel from the edge to the central cloud. In addition, it is common to have plants located in places with unstable internet connections; by operating edge clusters on-site, operations can be performed without the risk of data loss, as data will remain available locally.

CrateDB Edge was built to fulfill precisely these needs. With CrateDB Edge, customers are able to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on their own infrastructure (i.e., on their own AWS or Azure deployments, or on their own premises) accessing it through the CrateDB Cloud web UI. 


Is CrateDB Edge for you?

You may benefit from CrateDB Edge if you’re interested in:

  • Having full ownership of your infrastructure while accessing all the advantages characteristic of the cloud (easy accessibility and management, automated backups, automated data recovery)
  • Access to advanced network security (VPN)
  • Using your own cloud (from any provider, e.g. Digital Ocean) or run your region on-premise
  • Assuring data reliability even with poor internet access
  • Performing local analytics and sync to other edge regions or a central cloud

CrateDB Edge is currently in controlled availability, but you can get your hands on it by filling out the form below. 

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