Announcing CrateDB 2.0 Enterprise Edition

May 16, 2017


Andy Ellicott

We are excited to announce the availability of the testing release of CrateDB 2.0 and CrateDB Enterprise Edition. Here’s an explanation of what’s new, and how the CrateDB open source and CrateDB Enterprise editions will evolve over time. 2.0 Release Notes Firstly, here’s what’s new for everyone in CrateDB 2.0, which contains many important enhancements, […]

The Three Pillars of Healthy Open Source Communities

August 18, 2017
Claus Matzinger

Earlier this month, Zalando Tech hosted a panel discussion in Berlin with industry experts on open source: Paul Adams (Engineering lead at Zalando, former KDE contributor) (moderator) Jan Lehnhardt (CouchDB and Hoodie contributor) Lauri Apple (Zalando Tech Open Source Evangelist) Claus Matzinger (me, Evangelist) The discussion was lively and I wont try to sum […]

When is a SQL Subquery 260x Faster than a Left Join?

August 17, 2017
Andy Ellicott

Our friends at, a design and software agency in Germany, pinged us recently on Github for some CrateDB query performance help. In this blog post we’ll go over the issue and take a look at how it was resolved using the new sub-query capability in CrateDB as an alternative to using a left join. […]

Our CrateDB Conference Demo

July 10, 2017
Claus Matzinger

Demonstrating the power of a database is hard. It’s difficult to visually communicate a database’s features and benefits in a way that captures someone’s attention. Which is a problem, because we had to find something that would make our booth and product stand out at conferences. By creating a demo that was fun and easy […]

Geolocation 101: How To Get A User’s Location

June 8, 2017
Ben Lewis

If you build it, will they come? If you work on web applications, you are likely in the business of attracting people to your site and providing an engaging experience that will keep them coming back for more. To make users feel cared for, a good approach is to customize the way your site behaves […]

Updated Best Practices

May 30, 2017
Naomi Slater

As a part of our last developer cycle, we added some new best practice guides to our docs, as well as updating some of the existing ones. In this post, we briefly cover what’s new or improved. Bootstrap Checks As of CrateDB 2.0, if you are binding to a network reachable IP address, CrateDB performs […]

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