Integrations Product

Visualizing time series data with Grafana and CrateDB


Learn how to build real-time dashboards using CrateDB and Grafana, an open-source platform for data visualization.

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Querying time series data with CrateDB Cloud: SQL examples


SQL is a powerful language for analyzing time series data. In this blogpost, we teach you some queries using the NYC taxi dataset and CrateDB Cloud.

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Announcing the CrateDB Cloud free trial


You can now try CrateDB Cloud for free! Deploy a 3-node cluster and use it freely for 14 days, with 96GB of storage and up to 600 ingests per second. No credit card needed.

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Company General’s renewed commitment to open source


As part of our product roadmap and strategy, we continue to be deeply committed to the developer community and also an active contributor to the open source initiative.

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Community Development General Product

CrateDB Doubling Down on Permissive Licensing and the Elasticsearch Lockdown

2021-01-27 will no longer use Elastic’s Elasticsearch as an upstream project for CrateDB and open source its entire codebase under the APLv2 with CrateDB 4.5

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CrateDB 4.4 is now stable and ready to use


In this release, we include improvements in querying, replication, compression, and diagnostics. We also keep working on the SQL and PostgreSQL compatibility of CrateDB.

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How the Thomas Concrete Group is adding value to its customers with IoT projects powered by CrateDB


The Thomas Concrete Group, a world-leader in the concrete business operating since the 1950s, is implementing their first industrial IoT projects with CrateDB—with excellent results.

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CrateDB 4.3 is now stable and ready to use


With this release, we improve speed in aggregations, SQL compatibility, and usability.

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General Product

How we set up a Customer Advisory Board to regularly engage with our users


Everything we do as Product Managers has our customers at its core. That's why we launched a Customer Advisory Board, or CAB, at

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Amazon Timestream is finally released: these are our first impressions


After two years in preview, Amazon Timestream is now out in the world. After checking it out, we share some of our thoughts (and some data as well).

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