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CrateDB v4.6 is now stable and ready to use


CrateDB allows ingesting large amounts of data, from hybrid sources and at scale, while allowing real-time queries with a familiar SQL interface. With the release of CrateDB v4.6 we continue to improve CrateDB to achieve these goals even better, based on our customer and user feedback.

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Company General

How the Thomas Concrete Group is adding value to its customers with IoT and CrateDB (part II)


TGC, a world-leader organization in the concrete industry, keeps implementing digitalization projects to improve its service. Now, the TCG customers can track the curing of their concrete in real-time, monitoring its strength and temperature through sensor data stored in CrateDB.

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How to move your data from PostgreSQL/TimescaleDB to CrateDB


In this tutorial, we show you how to export your tables from PostgreSQL/TimescaleDB and import them into CrateDB.

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Announcing CrateDB Edge, our hybrid cloud database solution


We are happy to introduce you to CrateDB Edge, a solution that will allow customers to capture and analyze data at the source while still enjoying a managed service in the cloud. Organizations can now have full ownership over their infrastructure, access to enhanced security, and (coming soon) the possibility of syncing with other edge regions and/or a centralized cloud. 

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Development Integrations Operations

Monitoring CrateDB with Prometheus and Grafana


In this tutorial, we show you how to monitor your CrateDB cluster using Prometheus and Grafana, enabling JMX monitoring. We also give you the option to download a pre-built dashboard to speed up the process.

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CrateDB v4.5 is now stable and ready to use


Apart from including the Enterprise features and new statements as the CREATE TABLE AS, with CrateDB v4.5 we've done work behind the scenes—with improvements in the documentation, error messages, and stability.

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Crate’s evolution in open source and company building, from a founder’s point of view

2021-03-29 co-founder Christian Lutz explains the reasons behind CrateDB's licensing change, sharing his vision for the future of the company.

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Farewell to the CrateDB Enterprise License: FAQ


Starting with CrateDB v4.5.0 and from now on, says farewell to its Enterprise License. Instead, all CrateDB features are now available in a single, open-source version licensed under Apache 2.0. This means that CrateDB is (and will continue to be) completely free if you run it on your own premises.

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Visualizing time series data with Grafana and CrateDB


Learn how to build real-time dashboards using CrateDB and Grafana, an open-source platform for data visualization.

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Querying time series data with CrateDB Cloud: SQL examples


SQL is a powerful language for analyzing time series data. In this blogpost, we teach you some queries using the NYC taxi dataset and CrateDB Cloud.

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