CrateDB is a new kind of datastore: an open source, distributed SQL database that combines SQL and search in a way that’s simple to scale.

The next wave of big data is being generated by "things." Sensors, wearables, vehicles, networks, servers can generate millions of data points per second.

Crate.io was founded in 2013 to help mainstream SQL developers put all that machine data to work, simply.

Just like our database we're distributed, with teams in San Francisco, Berlin, and Austria. 

The awesome team behind CrateDB

Christian Lutz
Founder, CEO
Jodok Batlogg
Founder, CTO
Bernd Dorn
Founder, Chief Scientist
Dr. Paul Adams
Engineering Manager
Julia Barta
Executive Assistant
Michael Beer
Developer Integrations
Philip Bogensberger
Core Developer
Andy Ellicott
Mathias Fußenegger
Core Developer
Christian Haudum
Developer Integrations
Meriam Kharbat
Developer Integrations
Ruslan Kovalov
Developer Integrations
Elena Lang
Project Management
Chris Leishman
Claus Matzinger
Developer Relations
Johannes Moser
Product Manager
Mika Naylor
Developer Integrations
Michael Ruepp
Solution Engineer
Allison Sparrow
Demand Generation
Marios Trivyzas
Core Developer
Sebastian Utz
Core Developer
Isabelle Wunderlich
Project Management
Alois Flatz

The team is carving code into CrateDB awesomeness. Based in San Francisco, Berlin, and Austria. 

Board of Directors

Nikolaj Nyholm
Partner, Sunstone
Stuart Chapman
Partner, Draper Esprit
Ari Helgason
Partner, Dawn Capital
Tom Peruzzi
Founder, @aicooma


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Office Locations

San Francisco

Crate.io, Inc.
535 Mission St., 14th floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States


Crate.io GmbH
Ritterstraße 12-14
10969 Berlin


Crate.io AT GmbH
Hintere Achmühlerstraße 1
6850 Dornbirn