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About Crate.io

Want to be part of Crate.io?

Crate.io is a company of passionate, experienced team members who develop solutions for today's fast, data-intensive world.

CrateDB, the flagship open-source database enables companies to access data insights at scale.

Launched in 2021, CrateOM is an innovative solution transforming process data into actionable insights.


Executive Management

eva-schoenleitner-2 eva-schoenleitner-1
Eva Schönleitner CEO
Jason-2 Jason-1
Jason Tooker VP Sales
Christian_Lutz_1 Christian_Lutz
Christian Lutz Founder, President
Georg_2 Georg_1
Georg Traar Head of Customer Engineering
Philip-Hammerer-02-1 Philip-Hammerer-01-1
Philipp Hammerer VP Engineering
Anna_2 Anna_3
Anna Dreier Head of People
Felix_2 Felix_1
Felix Hlatky Head of Finance & Operations
Ivonne-2 Ivonne
Ivonne Cano-Hälg Head of Marketing


Our Craties

Alice-2 Alice-1
Alice Marketing Intern
Amelie-2 Amelie-1
Amelie Product Marketing Manager
Andreas_1-1-200x141 Andreas-1
Andreas Head of UX
Andreas Software Engineer
Andreas-Pichler-02 Andreas-Pichler-01
Andreas IT Application Manager
Andrey-2 Andrey-1
Andrey Software Engineer
Bernd_1 Bernd-200x141-1
Bernd Lead Engineer
Bernhard-2 Bernhard
Bernhard Senior Account Executive
Baur-2-200x141 Baur-1-200x141
Bauyrzhan Software Engineer
Beslinda_2-1 Beslinda_1
Beslinda Software Engineer
Daniel_2-200x141 Daniel_1-1-200x141
Daniel Agile Coach
Diane_2-1 Diane_1-200x141
Diane Finance & Accounting Specialist
Fabian_1-1 Fabian-200x141
Fabian Software Engineer
Filip-2 Filip-1
Filip Product Manager
Hasan_2 Hasan_1
Hasan Software Engineer
Isabelle_1-1 Isabelle_2-1
Isabelle On maternity leave
Jan-2-200x141 Jan-1
Jan Product Manager
Johannes_2 Johannes_1-300x212
Johannes Lead Engineer
Jon-2-200x141-1 Jon-1-1
Jon Software Engineer
juan-2-200x141 juan-1-200x141
Juan Software Engineer
Lewis-2-200x141 Lewis-1-1
Lewis Software Engineer
lisa-maria-1 lisa-maria-2
Lisa Maria Office Manager
Ludmila_2-200x141-1 Ludmila_1-1
Ludmila Officer Manager Berlin
Marghertia-02-1 Marghertia-01
Margherita Sales Operations Manager
Maria-S-2-200x141-1 Maria-S-1-1
Maria Marketing Intern
Marie_Luise2-200x141 Marie_Luise1
Marie Luise Software Engineer
Marija Marija
Marija Developer Advocate
Martin_2-200x141 Martin1
Martin Software Engineer
Mathias-200x141 Mathias_1
Mathias Founding Engineer
Matthias_2-1 Matthias_1-200x141
Matthias Website Developer
Matthijs_2-200x141 Matthijs1-1
Matthijs Technical Writer / Product Manager
Michael_1-2 Michael-200x141
Michael Software Engineer
Michael_2 Michael_1-200x141-2
Michael Digital Marketing Manager
Minsoo-2-200x141 Minsoo-1
Minsoo Software Engineer
Muneeb_2-200x141 Muneeb_1-200x141
Muneeb Software Engineer
Nicholis-2 Nicholis-1
Nicholis Software Engineer
Niklas Pre-Sales Engineer
Pauline-2-200x141 Pauline-1-200x141-1
Pauline Software Engineer
Rafaela-2-200x141-1 Rafaela-1-200x141
Rafaela Intern Customer Engineering
Rainer-2 Rainer-1-200x141-1
Rainer Senior Partnership Manager
Roman_1-1 Roman-200x141-1
Roman Product Manager
Romanas-b Romanas-a
Romanas Lead Engineer
Sabine-2-200x141 Sabine-1
Sabine HR Specialist
Sarah_Fischli_1 Sarah_Fischli-200x141-1
Sarah Head of Investor Relations
Sebastian Founding Engineer
Selina-1 Selina-2-1
Selina Lead Customer Success Operations
Shahpar-2-1 Shahpar-1-1
Shahpar Client Project Director
Simon-2-200x141-1 Simon-1-200x141
Simon Senior Account Executive
Soyoung_2-200x141 Soyoung_1-300x212
Soyoung Software Engineer
Stephanie1-2 Stephanie1-1
Stephanie Project Manager
Teodor-2-200x141 Teodor-3
Teodor Lead Engineer
Thomas-2 Thomas-1-1
Thomas Software Engineer
Walter_1-1 Walter-200x141
Walter Software Engineer
Wolfgang_2-300x212 Wolfgang_1-200x141
Wolfgang Customer Success Manager

Board of Directors


Alois Flatz
Flatz & Partners, Chairman


Dr. Torsten Kreindl
Deutsche Invest Capital Partners, Director


Stuart Chapman
Molten Ventures, Director


Eva Schönleitner
Crate.io, CEO


Christian Lutz
Crate.io, Founder & President

Board of Observers & Advisors


Bernd Dorn
Lovely Systems, Founder


Ash Fontana
Zetta Venture Partners


Oliver Kaltner
Fritsch Group


Günter Hagspiel



 invests in intelligent enterprise software.
They partner with companies building software that learns from data to analyze, predict and prescribe outcomes. They lead or co-lead $1-5M funding rounds.


 invests in exceptional market-transforming technology companies. DIVC primarily seeks Series A+ investments, supporting outstanding founders and innovative B2B business models through all phases of growth across the fields of IoT, SaaS, TMT, healthcare, fintech, software and data analytics.


 are Connected Industry Growth Partners, providing highly focused growth services for companies in Telemetry, Industrial Automation, RFID, M2M and IoT. Their industry-leading Advisory, Executive Search, M&A and Venture Capital practices accelerate the growth of, and provide optionality for, Connected Industry companies.


is a member of the Draper Venture Network. Molten backs winning companies and does everything it can to help them achieve and exceed their ambitions.


 backs ambitious founders and startups applying technology to solve fundamental problems of society ranging from climate change to energy security. Vito believes that superb engineering and radical entrepreneurial thinking is needed to tackle major challenges of the upcoming decades.


 is an early stage venture fund focusing on enterprise software and fintech. The Dawn team includes experi­enced entrepreneurs who help European founders build great global companies. The portfolio companies include Crate.io, Collibra, Gelato Group, iControl, iZettle, Mimecast [MIME], Neo Technology, Showpad, and many other outstanding companies.


 is an early-stage fund based in Vienna, Austria and Silicon Valley. With funds of approximately EUR 100M, Speed­Invest targets European startups in the In­ternet and mobile sectors. SpeedInvest also provides the entrepreneurial know-how and operational experience that is so essential to building great companies.


Get to know us

For so long people have thought database management is hard. We at Crate.io are here to change that. We strive for innovation, we build to create impact, we leverage diverse skills to solve problems. We work to make things happen. When they do, we celebrate.


Get to know us (better)

Apart from hard work on some database stuff, the Crate.io team likes to let its hair down, it’s events like our annual Snowsprint that help the people bond and encourages cohesive working between the separate functions within the organisation.


Our Offices

Crate.io Office in San Franciso, 535 Mission St © WeWork Companies Inc.


San Francisco

Crate.io, Inc.
535 Mission St., 14th floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States

Mail: office@crate.io

+1 (415) 358 0808

Crate.io Office in Berlin, Techspace Kreuzberg © Techspace Property Group Ltd.



Crate.IO GmbH
Lobeckstraße 36-40
10969 Berlin

Mail: office@crate.io

+49 (30) 120 895 580

Crate.io office Dornbirn/ Austria



Crate.io AT GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 15
6850 Dornbirn

Mail: office@crate.io

+43 (0) 5572 909808

Office Vienna



Crate.io AT GmbH
Ungargasse 37
1030 Wien

Mail: office@crate.io

+43 (0) 5572 909808

Office Vienna


Zurich area

Crate.io CH GmbH
St. Gallerstrasse 49
9100 Herisau

Mail: office@crate.io

+43 (0) 5572 909808

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