Industry 4.0:

the power of machine data for business success

About the webinar

The rise in the use of sensors and IoT devices in factories and production floors has transformed the way how operations are conducted. Their impact on the efficiency and cost savings have been so significant that it has been dubbed as Industrialization 4.0. Upgrading your existing data workflow incorrectly can defeat the purpose of real-time actionable guidance and can have huge cost implications.

In this webinar, you will learn why machine data is the holy grail of Industry 4.0 and the challenges you will face while working with this data. We will teach you how to improve your data workflow with CrateDB and how it can help you achieve success in this new age of industrialization. We will top this off with a real-world case study of a smart factory that made six-figure savings in 2018 through efficiency improvements. Join us and we shall put your machine data to work!

What you will learn


How to improve your data workflow with CrateDB


How CrateDB can help you achieve success in this new age of industrialization


See a real-world case study on a smart factory

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Tanay Pant, Developer Advocate


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