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Crate 0.55, Our Biggest Release Yet?


Crate is regularly updated, so we don't normally write a blog post for each release, but our forthcoming 0.55 release is so chock-full of features that we felt it deserved something special. It's not quite ready yet, but here's a few things to look forward to.

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How to Import from Custom Data Sources with a Plugin


Common Crawl generates roughly 30 000 files per month using its own format which you cannot feed into Crate directly. Preprocessing this quantity of data would take days to complete or require building a very large distributed system. This gave us the idea to use Crate's plugin infrastructure and use COPY FROM directly.

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Blog CrateDB Press at Software Engineering Daily


An interview with Jodok Batlogg by Jeff Meyerson on Software Engineering Daily.

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Crate Driver for Laravel


The Crate Driver supports all latest versions of Laravel, and eloquent, Laravel's ORM system.

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Blog CrateDB Releases

Release: Crate 0.44.7 / Crate 0.45.1


Use CrateDB and Grafana to create scalable and fast dashboards.

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Blog CrateDB Releases

Release: Crate 0.44.5

2014-10-20 is pleased to announce our latest release, Crate version 0.44.5.

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