Databases at Software Engineering Daily

May 20, 2016


An interview with Jodok Batlogg by Jeff Meyerson on Software Engineering Daily.

Big Bite: Ingesting Performance of Large Clusters

April 19, 2016


Database performance depends on many factors. There are many parameters user can tweak, but the outcome in complex setups is not always obvious. While we had a big cluster of crate instances available, we faced the challenge to load huge amounts of data into it to initialize the distributed database. A series of experiments resulted in an awesome 4.8 mio records/rate of ingesting data into our cluster! To get there, we explored the effect of network connections, number of nodes, and shard configuration.

4 Things You should Know about Databases in a Microservices Environment

March 12, 2016


Jodok Batlogg

Why don’t all databases fit well with the Docker-driven Microservice environment revolution.